How to Take Care of Roses in Summer

Beautiful fresh and aromatic roses are the best way to convey feelings and emotions. They are also loved for other benefits that include health, decoration, and good luck. With so many uses of roses, it goes without saying that it will make a huge impression on your loved ones to have these beautiful blooms on special occasions. However, seasonal changes also pose a problem to keep beautiful blooms popping. It is important to know how to take care of roses whether you wish to surprise your loved ones with a bouquet of fresh roses. The best place to avail information on how to maintain roses is from the best flower shop in Delhi. In this blog, we share how to take care of roses in summer. Take a look.

How to Take Care of Roses in Summer

First things first

It is important to keep in mind that the fresh bouquet of roses or flowers will only maintain its bloom for a limited time. Because the flowers have no roots, and they will be kept in an environment away from their natural habitat.

Wash the rose vase

When you place your roses in a vase, the water in the vase will either be absorbed by the flowers or lost through vapour. But most of the water will remain in the vase - this will cause the development of bacteria that is both dangerous to plants and humans. So, make sure to change the water and clean the vase regularly. To clean the algae collecting on the bottom and crevices - use hot water, bleach, and a sponge.

Use filtered water

Tap water is suitable to water potted plants. For roses and flowers, it is essential to fill the vases with filtered water. And make sure that the water is at room temperature and that air bubbles have escaped from the water too! It helps avoid getting the air bubbles stuck in the rose stems.

Use flower food

Fertiliser is essential to give plants the much-needed food to sustain growth. Mostly, a bouquet of fresh roses and flowers is sent with a sachet of flower food. Ensure that you pour the sachet of flower food into the vase and stir until the solution is dissolved, and do not over-fertilise the water. Use the recommended measurements.

Cut the stems

When roses and plants stay longer in water, the tips of the stems will begin to wilt, making it impossible for the blooms and leaves to absorb the much-needed water. So, you must cut the stems at an angle using flower cutting scissors and then place them in water.

Place your roses in the right spot.

Always keep your roses in a cool place where there is indirect sunlight and far from doors, windows, and radiators. As roses are meant to be enjoyed while they are still fresh, always make it a point to place them in the spotlight.