20 Tip On How To Be A Good Girlfriend For My Boyfriend

Men have an emotional quotient lesser than..well there's no polite way to put it but quite low. This may not stand true for all, but many struggles to reach somewhere near their partners understanding of love, support, pampering and whatnot. Women on the other hand are gifted with an innate sense of love imbibed in their system by god. This is scientifically proven but there is a contrast to it. Men may not show on the exterior but they too feel emotions and care for their partners more than they can express. They cry in the shower, they think of surprise gifts for girlfriend, they think of your first hair flip and your first goof up in front of them too. If you haven't seen this side of your man, maybe there's something you lack on your site and improvement which may introduce a more appreciable side of your guy. Finding the problem and the solution in ourselves is the easiest and quickest way of reaching the happiest place in your relationship.


So ladies if your constant thought is how to be a good girlfriend for my boyfriend, you need to read what's written below and it will be sorted in no time.

1. Avoid fighting

The first and most crucial thing you can do to make him fall in love with you again, to let him know that you are on his side and you nothing but the best, you have to stop fighting. He has to know you are a well-wisher.

2. Start listening

Before you fire questions at him, listen to their side of the story. Put your feet in his shoes and try to understand their perspective. Know if he needs help, or has had a tough day.

3. Count the good not bad

Stop looking at the bad, instead focus on the good in him. How caring, genuine and trustworthy he is is what really counts.

4. Compliment him every day

Even when he is in jammies compliment him not on his outer beauty, but his inner self. The charming smile, the innocent eyes that you loved in the first place should still matter.

5. Don't demand more than he can give

If he has nothing more than an hour for you because of a crazy schedule or if he is going through a tough phase in his life, don't ask for more instead try to be so humble that he wants to stay longer.


6. Stand by him in tough times

When he is troubled think of yourself in trouble too and think of the perfect solution for him. You should focus on both his moral and the practical solution to his issue.

7. Push him to achieve beyond

Don't drag him down with each fight instead uplift him by motivation him to achieve his targets and thinking even beyond.

8. Give him flowers

Women love flowers but so do men it's just that they don't get any. So give your guy flowers and you will see how truly he loves them.

9. Call him with nicknames

When you love each other you aren't in the office calling each other with formal names, call him what you like politely and cutely.

10. Discuss, don't dictate

Don't shoot at him with a billion questions right away, discuss whatever the matter is and take his inputs. Don't boss around him and make the decision as equals.


11. Respect him

The most important thing is for you to know that you are equals and that you are not above or below. Hence respect him and let him know you adore how he is.

12. Tell him you love him

When relationships last for a long time saying I love you often becomes a long lost dream. Start telling him this every morning and night for a good life.

13. Give him a pep talk

He may not say it but he may require support for more than you know. A few words of motivation also are enough.

14. Be his best friend before girlfriend

The best relationships are those when partners are best friends before they are lovers, you should strive to be one of them too.

15. Do what you expect him to do

If you want him to be more polite to you and more friendly, it may help if you take the first step and make amends in yourself.

do-what-you-expect-him to-do

16. Don't judge

Don't judge for his attire, his behavioural, or how he is, adore him for the same and let him bring out the best of his personality.

17. Don't overthink

Don't sit idle and think too much over something you too said or did, instead try getting past it as long as it is forgivable and respectful.

18. Don't doubt unnecessarily

If he has not given you any reason to doubt then don't. Leave him with his friends and his usual self and let him be as he is instead of trying to control it all.

19. Bring out the best in him

What he needs is a little validation and you are the only person who can do it best for him. Tell him he can do it and he will very soon.

20. Give space to him

Give him his peace of mind and relaxation. Let him be with himself and spend some me-time. It is when he will be truest to himself that he will be truest to you.