When is Rakhi in The USA?

Raksha Bandhan is an auspicious occasion celebrated on the full-moon day of the Shravan month, exhibiting the sibling’s bond. People influenced by Hindu culture around the world celebrate Raksha Bandhan with complete joy and enjoyment. Now, as the question arises when is rakhi in USA, then do know that the rakhi festival will fall on Sunday, 22nd August 2021. There is no public holiday, but it is a Hindu holiday on that particular day.

When is Rakhi in USA

Hindu people living around the world celebrate this festival, expressing their gratitude and love to their siblings. North-American regions experience most Indian populations that have made several changes in celebrating the festival, like Raksha Bandhan. Unlike in the 1980s, now you can send rakhi to USA without any hurdles. So, wherever you reside, do not let distance kill the joy and excitement of Raksha Bandhan.

Do Indians Live in the USA Celebrating Raksha Bandhan?

If you don’t know, then one of the nations where Raksha Bandhan is celebrated with equal excitement is the USA. Not just Indians residing there but also the people who follow Hinduism like to celebrate this festival with proper rituals and gifts. The USA is one of the nations that experience the joy of Hindu festivals in large numbers.

It is okay to know when is Rakhi in USA and whether people celebrate it or not because most people when leaving the country, tend to leave their culture and traditionalism behind. But today, the cases are different as when you see an inevitable growth in Hinduism, you also witness that people have a soft corner and a lot of excitement for the festivals celebrated in India.

It is not just Indians, but Indo-Americans also love to celebrate the festival of siblinghood. They encourage others also to be a part of the celebration even if they do not follow the same religion. It is like embracing each other’s culture even when you do not follow it.

How is Rakhi celebrated in the USA?

As now you know, when is rakhi in USA, you might also be thinking of how people must be celebrating Raksha Bandhan living in other continents where Hinduism is not practiced much. Well, to your surprise, Raksha Bandhan is now widely popular among different countries, and people are more inclined to the traditional way of celebration.

Modernism is always a critical factor that is encouraging youths to celebrate any festival in modern ways. But they also try to maintain the traditional approach to the religious festivals taking place. Gone are the days when our elders find it difficult to celebrate the auspicious festival in a different continent they are residing in. Now, everywhere the rakhi is available or online portals have made work easy.

Raksha Bandhan is one of the days when Indians residing in the USA feel connected to their motherland and get a chance to teach their children some traditional values. Every Hindu family living in the USA starts their day with Rakhi Puja. The sister applies teeka on the brother’s forehead and performs arti with the holy flame acting as a protecting shield to the brother. Once this is done, now it’s time to tie the sacred thread known as rakhi on their brother’s wrist, praying for the brother’s long, prosperous and healthy life.

Now it’s time for brothers to bestow their sister with a thoughtful gift that expresses the gratitude and care he has for her. The message behind rakhi is simple but beautiful that both the siblings pray for each other’s long life. Sisters pray for good health; brothers promise to take care of her and save her from evil.

It may be India or the USA; the culture follows you in every form. The people understand that if they pass on the traditions and culture to their children, then only they will be connected to their motherland.

So, now when you know, when is Rakhi in USA and if you are residing there then start your preparations of rakhi or if you want to send rakhi to USA then start searching for the best rakhis you can send to your beloved brother who might miss his motherland and the festival vibes he gets from the family.

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