Flower Selection Guide

How many times has it happened that you have been stuck while deciding on the choice of flowers you need to send somebody?

"Yaar, Rose bhejoonga toh kahin galat signal naa chala jaaye?"

"Yaar, usne kaha tha ki she loves Lilies, but, would it appropriate to send lilies on her birthday?"

"Yaar, frinds ko to pata hain ki kya dena hain, but, what flowers should I gift my mom?"

Stumped by these questions every time you have to send flowers? Stop beating yourself with the question for we at FlowerAura have designed this exhaustive infographic for you to help you decide what works when.

If you still have any clarifications, feel free to chat up with our ever-helpful support guys and they will assist in with every such dilemma of yours.

Happy floral hunting!

Infographic to select flower for your loved ones