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  • Appreciation

    I appreciate your accepting the order on the same day of delivery. There was slight delay on the delivery time but its acceptable under the circumstances.

    On 21st May 2018 from VARANASI


  • Good service and collection

    Very good service and collection

    On 10th Apr 2018 from BANGALORE


  • good service

    good service

    On 23rd Mar 2018 from BANGALORE


  • Excellent

    Lovely cake and bouquet. My dad was really happy

    On 9th Nov 2017 from GURGAON


  • Good fresh and timely delivery ..

    Flower aura is a great way to send flowers and gifts to loved ones. I would definitely recommend it.

    On 21st Oct 2017 from INDORE


  • Happy with floweraura services.

    It was a great experience..i am so happy with your services and response..

    On 5th Sep 2017 from BANGALORE


  • Awesome

    Thank u for ur prompt service..

    On 19th Jul 2017 from MUMBAI


  • Good Service right on time

    Good Service right on time.....but expensive.

    On 11th Jan 2017 from KOLKATA

  • The chat helpdesk is not alway

    The chat helpdesk is not always co-operative... Chat started on 17 Dec 2016, 06:39 AM (GMT+0) (06:39:17) *** 884552 joined the chat *** (06:39:17) 884552: Order no 884552.... (06:39:35) 884552: requested for a delivery by 12 noon (06:39:56) 884552: can u please update (06:41:14) *** Mukul joined the chat *** (06:41:22) Mukul: it can be deliver around 2-3pm (06:41:53) 884552: i was told that it shall be delivered by 12 noon (06:42:17) 884552: why so much of delay ? (06:42:34) Mukul: our regular delivery time is 09:00 am to 07:00 Pm it will deliver in between anytime no time commitmentt (06:43:06) 884552: this was not conveyed to me ! (06:43:39) 884552: Anyhow, can u pls take care of delivey by 1pm ayleast ?? (06:44:33) 884552: had placed the order early morning (06:46:30) *** 884552 left the chat ***

    On 19th Dec 2016 from KOLKATA

  • Thks for your support

    Thks for your support.

    On 30th Nov 2016 from CHENNAI