DIY Rose Decorations for a Surprise Date on Rose Day

Love is an emotion which can never be compared with anything else in this world. Also, love is a feeling that can never be put into words, and to express it, many times a good bunch of roses is what we require. And now that, Valentine’s week is around the corner and you might have planned a date with your partner. And if you are planning a home-date, then decorating the house with some scented roses, candles, and fairy lights would surely be a hit. Here, we bring you Rose Day special decorations to make that proposal date, more romantic and cosy. Also, these decorations are just a suggestion; you can go as imaginative as you want.

Rose Day Special Decorations

1. Rose Backdrop

All you need for this decor idea is a plain wall, some dual tape, and a lot of roses. Now paste the roses on the wall in no particular order. Or if you want, you can also go for a simple heart-shaped roses wreath or the name of the person or maybe your marriage proposal. Later, this background can be used as the background for your selfies.

Rose Backdrop

2. Rose Carpet

Another must-try decor idea includes a rose petal carpet. Make a carpet from the entrance door to your dining area, with rose petals and on both sides of this carpet, light up some tealight candles. If not candles, go for fairy lights, or maybe some Rose Day customised gifts besides the carpet.

Rose Carpet

3. Rose Dining

Obviously, the menu matters more than the table. But one should never underestimate the power of a good presentation. All you need is a bouquet of red rose and vase, some tea light candles, and your favourite food on the table. Now start placing these things nicely on the table, beginning with- fill the vase halfway with water and place your flower bouquet in it. Now surround this vase with tealight candles and lit them up. And your dining table decor is done.

Rose Dining

4. Rose Day Gift

Any date is incomplete without a gift. So, start working on it by yourself, and if you think this task is even tough then the decoration part, then go for a customised gift like custom passport holder, photo frames, LED cushions, etc. Wrap up the gift with some amazing wrappings and present your spouse or partner with it during the date.

Rose Day Gift

So, these are some of the many things that you need to try and include this Rose day date. Remember, you can never go wrong with a bunch of roses. Tips given above are for the one who likes to spend time on planning dates for their partner, all by themselves. But if you are someone who would visit a fancy restaurant, then no worries. Make the date special with a freshly arranged flower bouquet, at your partner’s favourite restaurant with their favourite cuisine. Also, do not forget to go on your date with any of the engraved gifts, personalised bar accessories, or any other such pretty gift.