Follow These 10 Easy Tips to Grow and Take Care of Money Plant

A money plant is also known as Pilea Peperomioides is a low-maintenance indoor plant. It is grown for its decorative look rather than for any medicinal or medicinal properties. It is one of the easiest plants to grow and can tolerate neglect and care. The Money Plant is a popular and traditional houseplant in Asia. It is also referred to as the $ Plant because when grown indoors, it is known to bring good luck and prosperity to its owner.

Follow These 10 Easy Tips to Grow and Take Care of Money Plant

Benefits of Money Plant-

The Money Plant is a great addition to your home office or reception area because it helps everyone feel that they are successful. It increases energy by removing environmental toxins from the air and carries the vibrations of happiness, abundance, and serenity into any space. Place the plant in a room where you will be studying for exams or working long hours.

Money Plant Take Care

The Money plant is a hardy, easy-to-grow houseplant that can promote prosperity and abundance. It brings success, happiness, and good fortune to people, couples, and families. Traditionally, the money plant is kept in the southwest corner of a home or office for good luck and financial prosperity. In Chinese tradition, it is believed that this resilient indoor houseplant attracts money from its owner.

Wondering how to take care of money plant? Well, here are some money plant care tips:

1. Room Temperature:

The first thing to take care of is the temperature at which the plant is being kept. The temperature should be somewhere between 15C - 24C. This is the optimum temperature for a money plant to grow.

2. Potting & Re-potting

The perfect way of growing a money plant is to make sure that it remains root-bound. This means that it should be grown initially in a smaller pot so that the roots have the space to move but not stretch out too far. Over time, you can re-pot the plant in a bigger pot.

3. Water Requirement

For the healthy life of this plant, it should not be watered too much. let the soil dry out a bit; between each watering session, so that you can feel that texture. Then water your money plant just enough without flooding it.

4. Sunlight

Money plant requires partial sunlight in shady areas. It doesn’t need direct sunlight. For a money plant to grow properly, partial sunlight should be taken care of!

5. Soil

Well-drained soil is always preferable for a money plant. You can choose to pot this plant in soil having high pearlite content, or you can also grow a money plant well in a mixture of river sand and normal potting soil.

6. Fertilizers

In order to take care of money plant, you should know that the plant should be fed the fertilizer while watering, and doing that once a month is enough. The fertilizers should not be added to the soil during the winter season. Always remember to feed the fertilizer to your money plant in the evening.

7. Humidity

When you want to grow money plant, you should always remember that a Money Tree prefers a bit of extra humidity. Therefore, one should always ensure to increase the humidity in the winter months with a pebble tray or a humidifier. Regular misting year-round for your money plant will be good for the plant’s health.

8. Toxicity

According to the ASPCA, money plants are safe for pets.


Pruning helps to stimulate healthier growth. It is sometimes done to remove the dead leaves and branches. Clipping the ends of your money plant helps in initiating side growth. It also makes the plant look bushier and heavier.

10. Additional Care

While having a money plant, always try not to move it very often. This plant prefers to stay in the same spot. If relocation is needed, you might observe a bit of leaf drop. But don’t worry this plant will eventually adjust.

A money plant is a tropical, perennial flowering plant that symbolizes luck and prosperity. It is a beautiful houseplant with pointed glossy leaves and clusters of deep-lavender flowers. The leaves are heart-shaped and have a waxy coating, which makes them water-resistant. So, these were some benefits and tips for a money plant indoor. You can buy plants online or from local nurseries, and your garden will surely thrive keeping in mind the care tips.