10 Amazing Half Birthday Cake Ideas for Kid's Birthday

Womb escape day celebrations make lasting impressions on the party person and loved ones. And age does not matter the most important aspect thing about the birthday parties is to celebrate life and togetherness. Anyone can touch the hearts of their little ones through the stomach on special occasions by surprising them with their favourite cake. If you are planning to throw a small party for your little one, consider half cakes.

 Half Birthday Cake Ideas for Kid's Birthday

They are quite economical and have a lot of space for decorations. In this post, we share the ten amazing half birthday cake ideas for kid’s birthday.

1. Two Half Cakes

Suppose you have two brothers, sisters, cousins, and nephews with the same date of birth. Surprise them on their womb escape day with two half cakes.

rubbery cake Baking Preparation

You can have the cakes decorated with creative designs, names, pictures, dates of birth, and more! Customise the half birthday cake sides with the recipient’s favourite flavours. Check out some amazing half birthday cake ideas for baby boys and girls.

2. A Half Swirl Cake 

Are you looking for a tantalising cake to melt the heart of your little one? Consider swirl cakes, they are one of the best smashing cakes to make cherishable memories.

Half Swirl Cake

You can have the swirls customised to your little one’s favourite colours and designs. Plus you have an empty space to decorate the cake and make your birthday wishes.

3. Floral Half Cake

Flowers have vibrant colours, nourishing scents, and attractive designs no one can resist, this makes them one of the best gifting items to express feelings and emotions.

Floral Half Cake

Surprise your little one with a floral half cake that is decorated with colourful fondant flower moulds. Explore other half birthday cake ideas from the birthday category for Kids.

4. Half Unicorn Cake

The half unicorn cake is one of the best half birthday cake ideas for baby girl. Make the best impressions on your little princess with a luscious and well-decorated half unicorn cake. Melt her heart and have the cake layers structured like the rainbow and the cake encrusted with multi-coloured fondant and more!

Half Unicorn Cake

5. Cartoon Themed Half Cake

Is your little one into cartoons, superheroes/heroines, or sport? Make cherishable memories on your little Prince Charming with a personalised cartoon themed half cake.

Cartoon Themed Half Cake

Some of the most popular half birthday cake ideas for boys are Spiderman, Tom & Jerry, and cars.

6. Half Chocolate Cake

Chocolate is an irresistible delicacy, when paired with a cake anyone can make any occasion worthwhile.

Half Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cakes are one of the best birthday cakes you will find in the best cake shop. Some of the lip-smacking chocolate cake options are Kit Kat, Ferrero Rocher, and dark chocolate.

7. Half Birthday Fruitcake 

Fruits have a wealth of vitamins and nutrients crucial for growth and development, and they are one of the most recommended foods by health experts worldwide. Stun your little one with a heart-melting half birthday fruitcake. 

Half Chocolate Cake

8. Jungle Themed Half Birthday Cake 

If your little one is a can of the Jungle book, Chhota Bheem, Mowgli, Kungfu Panda, or Ice Age, then you can make their birthday celebrations a gem with the jungle-themed half birthday cake. You can have the cake decorated with famous characters and special scenery.

Half Chocolate Cake

9. Tower Half Birthday Cake

Enchant your sweet tooth little one on his or her birthday with an enticing tower half birthday cake. Bring out your inner artistic being to express your love and happiness with a layered half cake.

10. #1 Smashing Cake

Set the bar high on your little one’s first birthday celebrations with an enticing and mouthful smashing cake. Give them a unique cake experience they will cherish. The #1 cake takes a similar shape to that of half cakes.

#1 Smashing Cake


The abovementioned list of amazing half birthday cakes will help you find the perfect cake. Save yourself a considerable amount of time and money searching for the ideal cake and order online baby shower cakes.