In a fast-paced world where meaningful moments with loved ones can slip through our fingers and the demands of daily life often obscure the things that truly matter, FlowerAura is your partner in nurturing genuine human connections that you dearly crave. For 13 wonderful years, we've not only added extra sparkle to numerous celebrations but have also touched many souls and treasured countless relationships. Our journey has always walked hand in hand with your evolving needs and changing tastes. And every gift within our collection, whether it be a delectable cake, bouquet, or a personalised keepsake, has carried a story of love, gratitude, and affection.

Now, we renew our vows by breathing new life into FlowerAura, infusing it with a modern touch—one that champions luxury, aesthetics, and the deepest emotions—to align with the ever-shifting realm of gifting. Yet, at its core, the heart of FlowerAura remains the same, unwavering in its commitment. After all, we don't just deliver gifts; we facilitate the expression of your feelings and the forging of deep ties with those you cherish. This promise has been our guiding light for years, and now, with the dawn of a redefined FlowerAura, it shines with even more warmth to help you keep that flame of love blazing!

FlowerAura, when words are not enough

  • 20+ Mn Smiles
    20+ Mn Smiles Delivered
  • 20000+
    20000+ Pincodes Covered
  • 620+ Cities
    620+ Cities Enjoying same-day delivery
  • 1100+ Skilled
    1100+ Skilled Chefs & Florists On Board

Our Journey

  • It all began in a basement in Gurgaon.


  • The birth of our first owned store in Gurgaon


  • The year we became official.


  • Enriched our collection beyond flowers with cakes & hampers


  • Launched our app for revolutionising customer's journey


  • Introduced Franchise model. Marked the debut of our first store in Marathahalli, Banglore.


  • Introduced Dark Store (COCO) model. Now thriving with 75+ Dark Stores.


  • Empowered customers with effortless order tracking with the 'Instanto' app launch.


  • Rose above the pandemic & COVID's challenges


  • Opened doors for global connections with international deliveries


  • Etched our brand in over 600 cities across India


  • Unveiled our 26,000 Sq Ft state-of-the-art central kitchen in Gurgaon.


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