10 Best Cake Designs For Birthday Girl

Birthdays are the occasion that demands a grand celebration. And that celebration must have a tasty cake designed to please the eyes. Being a bit specific today, we are here with the best cake designs for birthday girls. So, if you are seeking an ideal birthday cake to bring joy and happiness to your sister, girlfriends, friend, or a female colleague, you can choose from the under-mentioned cake designs for birthday girls.

cake designs for birthday girls

1. Hello Kitty Cake -

If you think that the girl you want to surprise on her birthday is cute as a Kitty, then this Hello Kitty cake is a perfect choice. Cream swirls are used to bring the face of Kitty on the cake.

Kitty Cake

2. Princess Of The Castle Cake -

For the birthday of your daughter, Princess Of The Castle cake is the go-to option for you. For every father and mother, their daughter is the princess of their home and their life.

Kitty Cake

3. 18 & Makeup Freak Cake -

For the girl who is turning eighteen on her upcoming birthday and who is also a makeup lover, this cake with high use of fondant is a sure shot surprise.

Kitty Cake

4. Beautiful Butterfly Cake -

Usually, pink is considered as the favourite colour of girls. There could be a scientific reason behind this, but that’s not the case. Apart from the pink colour, this birthday cake is in the shape of a butterfly because girls love butterflies.

5. Floral Tier Cake -

We can’t say that flowers are the favourite of girls because boys also love flowers. But the way this cake is designed, it is the best cake design to surprise a birthday girl.

Kitty Cake

6. Mad Over Heels -

One of the best cake designs for a birthday girl who is mad over heels and hence it is titled so. The cake looks like a gift of heels which is presented by showcasing along with the box.

Mad Over Heels

7. Rock Star Birthday Cake -

If you know, caricatures are the items which are highly used by bakers to bring a personality to the cake. So, if the girl you are planning to surprise is a rockstar, then this birthday cake design is just flawless.

Kitty Cake

8. Rosie Doll Cake -

For those people who get confused about specifying the cake design for the birthday of a baby girl, this cake is the solution. A simple white cake topped with a caricature of a little doll is the perfect designer cake for a baby girl’s birthday.

Rosie Doll Cake

9. The Queen Cake -

To all the lover boys out there who treat their girlfriend as the queen of their heart, no cake design can beat the elegance and expressiveness of The Queen Cake. The cake is decorated with hearts on the side and a crown on the top.

Queen Cake

10. Tiffany Box & Pearl Cake -

Tiffany is a jewellery brand, and most of the sales for jewellery brands comes from the females. So, if it’s your sister’s birthday who is fond of precious jewellery, this is the right cake to make her smile.

Tiffany Box & Pearl Cake