10 Best Unique Cakes Designs for Your Unique Celebration

Special memories for birthdays, weddings, and anniversaries, among other celebrations, are vivid in our minds when we have a beautiful, unique, and scrumptious cake to remember. You will always have that image of the “make your wish”, “blow the candles”, and the all-waited for cake cutting moment. If your loved one’s birthday is around the corner, you can surprise them with a cake and make the moment a blissful one.

Unique Cakes Designs

But, not just any cake! The task can be an easy one if you have birthday cakes designs ideas. In this blog, we share 10 best unique cake designs for your unique celebration. Take a look.

1. Vanilla Cake

The vanilla cake is one of the most popular designer cakes, this one comes with some of the goodies loved by the sweet-tooth foodies around the world. It has fresh cherries on top and the final decoration touch is completed by sprinkling decorative colours on top. It grabs the attention of everyone with its colourful pop.

designer cakes

2. Heart-shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake

Melt the hearts of your loved ones with the delicious heart-shaped chocolate truffle cake. It’s a moist and dense chocolate cake, with layers of chocolate truffle. You can add cherries and some fruits on top and also opt for the eggless cake for that unique cake of the day.

Heart-shaped Chocolate Truffle Cake

3. Vanilla Fruit cake

Are you health conscious? If yes, then try out the vanilla fruit cake. It’s infused with an outburst of crunchy seasonal fruits and the delicious taste-t-tell creams. This cake will turn everyone at the party into “Oliver twist” asking for some more!

Vanilla Fruit cake

4. 2 Tier Black Forest Cake

The 2 tier black forest cake is an all-out cake for great and memorable times, so you don’t need to call it a day and go home early - go grand! This 2 tired scrumptious cake arrangement is the mood setter.

2 Tier Black Forest Cake

5. Pineapple Cake

If some of your loved ones are sensitive about the sugar content they consume, it will be difficult to get to their heart with a cake. The solution to this equation is to go with a cake that has less sweetness in it. The pineapple cake is ideal for such a requirement.

Pineapple Cake

6. Caramel Cake

The caramel cake is a tempting cake with its enchanting and salivating design finish. It is made of the finest and freshest ingredients like caramel, pineapple, and cherries. The cake’s design finish ingredients are also incorporated into the cake itself, making it one satisfying cake to see and eat.

Caramel Cake

7. Kit Kat Cake

Many sweet tooth people are familiar with KitKat chocolates. You can make their day worth remembering when you surprise them with the Kitkat cake. And it’s not that difficult to cut as the KitKat chocolates are lined vertically on the side of the cake.

Kit Kat Cake

8. Mango Cake

Colour does mean a lot as it helps express feelings and emotions. Like the yellow roses are for gifting your friends - the mango cake also suits the same gifting category. You can as well just ramp up the party atmosphere into a friendly place with the mango cake. It’s made using fresh mango extract and a few more usual cake ingredients and flavours like butterscotch and blueberry.

Mango Cake

9. Blueberry Glaze Cake

There is a myth that “a cake looks and tastes the same”, this can be true when your eye meets up with the blueberry glaze cake. The cake consists of layer upon layer of fresh blueberries. And the design is finished by coating the cake with a velvet cream or better the blueberry and chocolate syrup.

Blueberry Glaze Cake

10. Almond Cake

Another moist cake but with a bit of a twist to the truffle chocolate cake, and other cakes in the dense category.

Almond Cake

It’s jam-packed with a lot of goodies, also beneficial for our health. It is made with whole/chopped almonds that are also incorporated in the design finish too.