10 Excellent Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

Every sensible and thoughtful man or woman in this world will agree to the fact that to each of them, their mum is their world. Most of us would even agree to the fact that their mothers have been the driving force and pillars of their lives. That is because mother's are the first representation of womanhood and how women administer so many values in our lives. Women as we see it now in this present world play a very diverse and colorful role. They have even reached positions which men are not able to reach. Times have changed and now, we appreciate and celebrate women's day.

Ways to Celebrate International Women's Day

Why Women's Day celebration?

Women have transformed and gotten over the traditional roles that were set for them in the past. They were in the past, considered stereotypes. With their roles being limited to taking care of kids and managing the household. They were discriminated and prejudiced. They were not considered as equals to men and had to face various oppressions in this male dominated world. The few who broke out of restrictions in past few years were faced with discrimination and harassment at work place and in the public.

international women's day celebration

Now women have the right to study, work at places of their choice etc. The situation of women has improved in various spheres of life like health, legal reforms, education, job opportunities etc. The gender roles have been reformed and women too receive the basic human rights. Women are standing tall and are playing a major role in many important areas such as Politics, Professional Training Jobs, Medicine, Business, Law, etc.

Struggles Faced By Woman

Even after women see so much development, in many parts of the world, women still struggle for recognition of their value to the economy, and for equal pay. Women are also subjected to moral policing, abuse from family and society. As we celebrate international women's day on March 8th we acknowledge that we still have a long way to go to achieve full emancipation of women from the hardships they have. It is the day for reaffirming our commitment to the work towards the liberation of women.

We acknowledge that we still have a long way to go to achieve full emancipation of women from the hardships they face on women's day celebration. It is the day for reaffirming our commitment to the work towards the liberation of women.

Here are some of the celebration ideas to incorporate on 8th of March this year:

1. Learn about the influential women. You can either get a biography or invest in a blog that speaks about some of the most influential women who have altered the course of history and brought change for women everywhere.

2. Sign up for a community service. It does not have to be a drive for women only. Such an event can be for any cause you believe in. Be a part of the women community by showing your motherly affection towards those who need care.

3. Get women's day gift for the ladies in your life. Starting from your mum, get gifts for the special ladies in your life. Convey your feelings of admiration with gift hampers that celebrate their womanhood.

4. Spend time with the special lady. There is nothing like the gift of time and affection. These ladies, special ladies in your life hardly get time with you. Celebrate 8th of march with your mum, sister and others.

5. Throw a party or get-together. A small intimate party or dinner with just a couple of friends and family hurts no one. Raise your glasses and toast the women in your life.

6. Celebrate by opting for a women's day cake delivery at her work. Your friend, sister, mother and better half will appreciate a gorgeous women's day themed cake. Place order for their favourite flavoured cake and you are golden!

7. Plan celebration for the office. Most companies have celebrations planned for the 8th of march. Make it more special. Maybe offer to provide some free time for relaxation for the ladies in the office. Or, give them a half day!

8. Cook at home. Prepare food for your family. Or even the women. If you are not planning a party or a get together, try to ensure that you are the one in charge of the kitchen. Do not let the ladies step in the kitchen.

9. Spa and other gift certificates. Give the women of your life a chance at relaxation. They will surely be thrilled to find themselves amidst a redeemable coupon that helps them relax.

10. Plan a holiday just for the ladies. This needs to be planned in advance, so get started already! A small relaxing trip to the nearby localities and special attractions of the city is a great idea to help the women relax on the day that celebrates them! Happy planning!