10 Hilarious Memes That Describe The Story Of Every Brother And Sister

The bond between brothers and sisters is one of the quirky ones spiced with sentiments of love and hate both. After all, who feels jealous over the birth of a younger sister and later shoos away all her boyfriends? Certainly, a brother. Moreover, who thinks that the other child in the house is momma's boy and then takes his help to do the homework? A sister of course. Such is the spell of brother-sister love.

Therefore, from standing against each other to supporting each other at every crucial step, every one of us realizes that our life wouldn't have been this meaningful without the 'other child' in our house. Right?

Hilarious Memes That Describe The Story of Brothers And Sisters

So, this Raksha Bandhan, it's time you go ROFL with the following ten hilarious memes that perfectly describe the story of every brother and sister.

1. When Your Parents Leave The House.

2. Because, being a middle child is no joke.

Child is Realizing Himself as Middle Child

3. When You Owe Money To Your Brother

When A Sister Owes Money to Her Brother

4. When Your Sister Offers You Some Food

Brother Expresses When A Sister Offers Food to Her Brother

5. When You Ask Your Brothers To Smile

6. When Some Guy Takes Your Sister On A Date

Activity of Brother When A Guy Takes His Sister on Date

7. When your little sister gets in trouble with Parents

Brother Expresses When His Sister in Trouble with His Parents

8. When Your Parents Yell At Your Brother For Something You Did

9. When Your Mom Asks You To Take Care Of Your Sister

Brothers Activity When His Parents Ask Him to Take Care of His Sister

10. When Mom Asks You Guys To Behave Like Humans