10 Most Beautiful Black Flowers in The World

A black flower is the most unusual and unique bloom that you will come across, as well as a spot in nature. They are mysterious and they always bring a touch of fantasy into any sort of floral arrangement. An unconventional colour, black represents darkness and the unknown. Of course, this colour is not naturally found in nature and thus has to be synthesised in a lab. Mysterious and attractive, black also represents the passive energy which is symbolised by ‘Yin’ in Chinese culture. Though in many cultures this colour is ostracised, black blooms have become a very popular element in arrangements.

What is interesting is that black flowers represent both positive and negative. It may be seen as the colour of rebellion and anger, but it may also be associated with elegant and chic occasions such as black tie events. So here are some of the most beautiful black flowers in the world that you can add to your bouquet with other bright coloured blooms as black blooms will always stand out and make the whole arrangement pop!

Now before we proceed to our list of black blooms, remember, these following flowers may not be purely black. They may have a tinge of black elements that lands them in this category.

10 Most Beautiful Black Flowers in The World

1. Bat orchid:

Creative looking this flower has an intense dark black hue on top of a dark red coat. This flower also has dangling whiskers that give this flower an alien-like appearance.

2. Velvet petunia:

Black in colour this petunia is just a very intense blue coloured flower that has an appearance like that of the night sky.

3. Dark tulips:

These beauties are dark purple in colour and are also known as the ‘Queen of the night tulip’. Though these beauties bloom all throughout the day, they are heavily associated with noir themes.

4. Black rose:

These are lab-made flowers that are dyed in the black stain for a prolonged time. As the stems of the flowers absorb the black dye, they turn black and give off a stunning look. You can easily get them in your locality from any reliable online rose delivery service.

5. Pansy:

There is a black variant of this flower available which is actually a very dark purple coloured flower. Getting these blooms is relatively easy as this variant is widely popular.

6. Black dahlia:

This exquisite and grand bloom is very chocolaty in colour and has a very deep burgundy tinge to it.

7. Black lily:

Black lilies are vivid in its appeal and have a very dark red, almost burgundy colour which in dark looks intensely black.

8. Calla lily:

There is a very dark maroonish coloured calla lily which appears jet black in colour. Though these babies are magnificent and a sight to behold, these darling flowers are the key attraction of any and every arrangement that they are a part of.

9. Hollyhock:

These blooms look quite a bit like pansies. They however have a deep plum shade.

10. Cosmos:

These are the sweetest smelling flowers in this list. Smelling like a fusion of vanilla and chocolate, these blooms have a shiny tinge of red hue on its edges and give off a very dark reddish black colour.