10 Most Fabulous Theme Cake Ideas for Kids Birthday Party

Planning a birthday party for your little one can be quite a challenge. You need to plan a fabulous theme cake for birthday party. As far as the thematic kids birthday cake designs go, here are some of the ideas that you can use:

 theme cake ideas for kids birthday party

1. Toy Story Theme

Toy story is our tenth most popular kids theme. The toy story saga is an all-time favourite for a lot of kids (and girls), and all of the movies were just so good. There are lots of different party supplies available for this theme and the latest theme, of course, is from the 3rd movie in the toy story series.

Toy Story Theme cake

You can get everything from large buzz lightyear helium balloons through to plates, cups, table covers, napkins, loot bags - the whole shebang. Look out for the cake decorating kits and matching accessories to decorate your party cake.

2. Spiderman Theme

You can let all the kids be action heroes for the day at your birthday party. How can you go wrong with that? Send spiderman cakes online directly to your home.

 Spiderman Theme cake

You will make your kids' birthday enjoyable. This cake will add a beautiful touch to your themed party!

3. Pirate Theme

This is the first classic party theme on the kids’ list and has probably been used as a party theme for kids for more than 50 years. It is the pirate theme.

 Pirate theme cake

Nowadays, we have all the pirates of the Caribbean movies, which of course, have created a massive upturn for this birthday party theme. Add themed pictures to a photo cake or get a designer cake.

4. Fire Engine Theme

And straight to another classic theme, the Chota Bheem theme. It has probably been all kids' dreams at one stage or another to be a superhero like Bheem.

 Fire Engine Theme cake

The Chota Bheem cakes online cake can be designed in the fashion of either a laddoo popping bheem cake or the image of his face. Accessorising this cake with proper cake toppers is an add on.

5. Transformers Theme Cake

Optimus prime, ratchet, bumblebee, your kids can probably rattle off a few more names. Kids love these cars and trucks that transform into dangerous walking robots, and there are lots of party supplies, decorations and accessories for this theme as well.

 Transformers Theme Cake

Look out for the cake tin shaped like Optimus prime's face and also the nifty cupcake decorations that double as groovy kids finger rings. This theme is a certain winner at your kids’ party, and you will be a legend, and your boy will love you for a long time if you choose this theme.

6. Go Diego go Theme

Dora, the explorer's cousin Diego, is ever so busy saving animals and exploring - and your kids will love doing the same. You can easily get your kids to join in on explorer games in your backyard; you can use your cat as the jaguar if it's keen and use your imagination to set out a route for the discovery expedition.

Go Diego go Theme

Decorate your party area with the party decorations and supplies available, no lack of these - all the tableware, balloons, scene setters and more. Look out for the snazzy cake decorating kit and the pencil sets; these are great for gifts in the loot bags.

7. Bob the Builder Theme

This old handyman is still going strong after all these years, and although he came around the first time in 1999, Bob is as popular as ever. There are lots of groovy party supplies and accessories to pick from in this theme, naturally all the tableware and balloons, but also the ultra-cool builders-hats which just make any builders or construction party that extra bit more special! The kids just love these hats, and they can take them home after the party.

 Bob the Builder Theme

Apart from this, there are some other cool things on offer - cake tins, things for the loot bags - bubble baths and more. Bob, the builder, will lighten up your kids’ faces and create a fun and interesting party for your kids. Consider combining the bob the builder theme with the construction theme for some extra items like cupcake cases and the like.

8. Thomas the Tank Engine Theme

Having been around for even longer than what bob the builder has, Thomas the tank engine is amazingly still very popular. Kids love this Thomas, especially the younger kids and in the age group from 2 to 5, Thomas is a safe bet.

 Thomas the Tank Engine Theme

You are able to get a vast variety of tableware, party decorations and accessories for this theme, balloons, cake tins, edible cake images, you name it. Look out for the cool bouncy balls! You will also be able to get many nice trinkets and gadgets for this theme to put in your loot bags.

9. Mickey Mouse Theme

Everyone's favourite from the Disney family makes a great theme for both girls and boys’ birthday parties. Mickey mouse and his great friends are always happy, and they look awesome. A little tip for a mickey themed party is maybe to get hold of some old classic mickey mouse movies and screen them during the party, either as a feature or in the background.

 Mickey Mouse Theme

Again, the range of mickey mouse party supplies and accessories is extensive; look out for nice stickers and cool mickey mouse ear headwear; wearing them during the party will put smiles on your kids’ faces. Get beautiful designer cake designs for kids that reflect the characters of Disney.

10. Disney Cars Theme

Well, kids sure do love their cars, so lightning McQueen, mater, Sally and all the other personalities in the car’s theme will definitely impress the guests. There is a plethora of cars, party supplies, accessories and decorations available for this theme, but don't despair; make sure you know what you want, and things should be easier from then on in.

 Disney Cars Theme

A good idea would be to mix your theme with a black and white chequered racing theme to spice things up a little. Again, look out for the cake tin and matching accessories; you will surely be the party hero if getting the lightning McQueen cake right, putting all those smiles on your kids’ faces. Buy cakes online to get the most adorable themed cakes for your kid’s birthday to make it memorable.