10 Reasons Why Moms Always Rock

She’s cool, she’s lively, she is that wave of happiness without whom our lives would be incomplete without. Like a rockstar, she finds our sound and makes it rhythmically beat and while we find ourselves in trouble, she is all by our side supporting, loving, and understanding us. She is a superwoman, an angel, a BFF, she is nobody else, she is our mother.

10 Reasons Why Moms Always Rock

Believe it or not, mums are the true rockstars of our lives. She is our Hulk, our Superwoman, our Batman, she is that very essence that makes our day complete and while our life may surprise us any moment, she is one that leaves us wonderstruck. Following are a few pointers to showcase how awesome she is!

1. She’s mind-blowing.

No matter if it is about being the best MasterChef or the popular womaniyeah of the neighborhood, she conquers all. Her skills are unmatchable, incomparable, and less of you know, untameable.

2. She knows it all.

Your moms know it all. Your deep-dark secrets, your personal diary hidden under the bookshelf, the girl you talk about every time the topic of a best friend comes up, you gotta believe, the lady in saree knows all.

 A mother knows all

3. She’s always there.

You didn’t take her advice, went against the rule book, and look at you all soaking wet in guilt and agony. Guess what? She will still hug you and make you forget all the worries in no time.

4. She never gives up on you.

Your own partner has given up you, your best friends have lost all the hope, but you know what? It is your mom who will be still there by side, pushing you to keep going against the grain and keep following your dreams no matter how hard they seem to be.

5. She’s the greatest multitasker!

Don’t surprise her on her birthday or don’t give her Mother’s day gifts, she will still keep up the spirits of the home high by duly completing her duties and going an edge over by multi-tasking everything.

A mother cooking food and caring her son at the same time

6. She keeps encouraging.

Her high spirits will always guide you to the paths full of pride and give you the courage to swell up like an ocean. She is the very reason that can drown all the fears coming in between you and your dream.

 She keeps encouraging

7. She saves the day.

Like the ultimate hero of a movie, mums forget all the mistakes of her grumpiest kid and make everything fall in place by saving the day successfully. She’s incredible, a strong-headed woman who knows her kid very well.

Strong-headed woman

8. She can take an avatar.

You may think your mom isn’t of the current generation, but you know what she can still do the magic by disguising her talent under so many personas and while you expect the least, she can be the prince of your dreams or the hot teacher you’ve been checking out lately.

9. She understands you.

You might feel the need to explain to your friend or to your dad, but your mom, you don’t need to say a word to her. She understands you inside out, shares your weirdness, and can go bonkers just like any of your BFF.

A mom with her daughter

10. She is the one.

When it comes to first love, it will always be your mom. She is in your heart, your soul, and in every vein and artery of the body. The one who gave you the first heartbeat is the one who is going to stay in there forever.

A mother holding her childs hand