10 Simple Cake Decorating Ideas for Birthday

Someone quoted that ‘a party without a cake is just a meeting’ and we couldn’t agree more. And birthdays are the best excuse to dig into slices of scrumptious cakes guiltlessly. However, making a cake which looks as good as it tastes is not an easy task. It requires not only fine bakery skills but also some creative cake making tools to create a beautiful cake.

  But, if truth be told, not all of us are that artistic. Therefore, just so your lack of decorating skills doesn’t stop you from making a cake that looks cute and adorable, we have a low down on 10 simple birthday cake decoration ideas that will help you put together a stunning, designer cake.

1. Add some colour

The easiest way to make your cake look subtle yet decorative is to accent it with a touch of contrast. Bake a simple chocolate cake and deck it up with some colourful sprinkles. Minimum effort and maximum results.  

Add Some Colour: Chinese

2. Shape your Cake!

When you want to cut down your work on the decoration front, do an excellent job during the preparation. Give your birthday cake an attractive shape, just like this lip-smacking piece formed like an eight.


You can always make the cake look extra delicious with the simple use of Gems.

 Shape your Cake!

3. Rainbow Cake

Rainbow cakes are one of the most coveted amongst kids. The best part about these cakes is that you don’t have to worry about decorating them much, because once you slice a piece, the beauty of the cake oozes out automatically.

Rainbow Cake

4.Starry Effect

This fondant cake is a lesson in subtle cake dressings. A beautiful combination of red and white enhanced with edible chocolate stars. This one is ideal when you want to prepare an elegant designer cake that doesn’t demand much effort.

Starry Effect

5.Cute Kitty

Isn't this cake just adorable? Simple formation topped by the recognisable kitty bow, eyes and nose. Prepare this one for your little girl's birthday, for the kitty is every girl's favourite.

Cute Kitty

6. Heartthrob

When it’s your special someone’s birthday, prepare a heart-shaped cake like this one which requires no great decorative skills. This vanilla cake is beautified simply with contrasting red-coloured hearts for some extra character.


7. Fruitilicious

Another quick and easy way to decorate your birthday cake is to dress it up with fruits. This chocolate truffle cake is garnished with several fruits which not only adds beauty but immense flavour to the creation."


8. Choco Heaven

One can never really have enough chocolate! So, you can beautifully decorate your cake with the least effort using choco chips. This chocolate cake is covered comprehensively with choc-chips and thereby looks mouth-watering.

 Choco Heaven

9.Swirl It!

Complete your cake decoration in the easiest and prettiest way with swirls. You can either add swirls in a specific fashion or coat it completely akin to thisstrawberry rose cake . Just pick a disposable piping bag and various shaped nozzles, and you are good to go.

 Swirl It!

10. Cherry Delight

Cherries are such versatile topping for any flavoured cake. It makes the cake look attractive and adds a punch of taste as well. The delicate assembly of bright red cherries at the centre of this Black Forest Cake makes it gorgeous to look at!

 Cherry Delight

Creative or not, anyone can make a cake look scrumptious if it’s prepared with love just like we do at FlowerAura. So, while you try your hand at decorating a sweet birthday cake, you can also buy cake online from FlowerAura, in case things go wrong. Just kidding.

Get, set, bake!