10 Water-Loving Indoor Plants That Don't Need Soil To Flourish!

Have you been labelled as a convicted plant murderer by your loved ones? Is your track record with plants less than stellar?

Do you wish to be surrounded by greenery, but plant parenting gives you nightmares? And all your dreams of having your own mini garden look distant!

Don't you worry! The world of soil-free planting is here to the rescue! Turn a new leaf in your planting journey with water plants that are easy to care for and keep your space fresh and green.

You might not have a green thumb, but you have us! So, say goodbye to wilted greens & make a splash with these indoor plant suggestions that don't need soil to thrive!

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Marimo Moss Balls

Looking for an easy-to-care-for aquatic plant that's both unique and charming? Look no further than Marimo Moss Balls! With a fascinating backstory dating back to Japan, where they were believed to bring good luck and prosperity, these green algae balls are a popular addition to aquariums and vases of water. To keep your Marimo Moss Ball healthy and round, change the water every two weeks and roll the ball gently in your hands every so often.

marimo moss balls

Lucky Bamboo

Lucky Bamboo is a popular indoor plant that is not actually Bamboo but belongs to the dracaena family. In feng shui, the number of stalks in a Lucky Bamboo plant has different meanings and is believed to bring good luck and positive energy. So, this name automatically pops up on the top when one searches for the best plants to grow in water. Lucky Bamboo is easy to care for. All you have to do to keep it healthy is to change the water every two weeks and keep it in indirect sunlight.
lucky bamboo

Peace Lily

Add a touch of elegance to your indoor water garden with a stunning Peace Lily. Not only is it beautiful, but it also has air-purifying properties, making it a popular choice for indoor spaces. To keep it thriving, maintain a consistent water level and replace the water every two weeks. Place the Peace Lily in a location with low to medium light, and enjoy its striking, dark green leaves and white flowers.

peace lily


Pothos is a popular trailing plant that is easy to care for and a great addition to any indoor space. With its heart-shaped leaves and trailing vines, Pothos is perfect for beginners and experienced plant parents alike. It is also known as Devil's Ivy because of its fast growth rate and ability to withstand tough conditions. Place your Pothos in a bright location with indirect light. You can also add a small amount of liquid fertilizer to the water to promote its growth and maintain its stunning variegated foliage.


Spider Plant

Spider Plant is both easy to care for and visually striking with its arching leaves and white flowers. Also known as the Airplane Plant, this plant is famous for its air-purifying properties. To grow a Spider Plant, simply place cuttings in the water and wait for them to root. Change the water every two weeks, and place the plant in a bright location that receives indirect light.

spider plant

Chinese Evergreen

Chinese Evergreen is native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea but is now widely cultivated and sold as an indoor plant in many parts of the world. It is a beautiful plant that can be grown in water and is known for its ability to thrive in low-light conditions. This plant is an excellent option for offices or rooms with little natural light. Also, did you know that the Chinese Evergreen is also known as the Silver Queen?

chinese evergreen

Arrowhead Plant

Arrowhead Plant, also known as the Goosefoot Plant, can be grown in water or soil and is known for its arrow-shaped leaves that come in various colours, including green, white, and pink. It is also a great air-purifying plant. This low-maintenance plant can grow best in a hanging pot or a tall container that can accommodate its trailing vines. Place it in bright, indirect light, change the water every two weeks, and regularly prune it to maintain its appearance.

arrowhead plant

Wandering Jew

Wandering Jew is a popular trailing indoor plant known for its stunning appearance as it features beautiful purple and green leaves, adding a vibrant touch to any space. It is a low-maintenance plant, perfect for novice plant parents, and can be grown in soil or water. For optimal growth, place your Wandering Jew in a bright area with indirect light. An interesting fun fact about Wandering Jew is that it is a fast-growing plant that can quickly become invasive in outdoor environments.

wandering jew

English Ivy

English Ivy is an elegant water-loving plant with trailing vines and stunning foliage. It is a popular houseplant that has been grown for centuries and prefers low to medium light and cooler temperatures. So, place it in a draft-free location. To make it thrive, change the water in its container every two weeks and add liquid fertilizer to the water.

english ivy


Coleus is a member of the Mint family and is native to Southeast Asia. It looks mesmerizing with its foliage in shades of pink, purple, and green, and it makes any space brighter. Since it has tall stems, it looks best in a tall, narrow container that can accommodate it well. Maintain its stunning appearance by watering it every two weeks and regularly pinching back the plant to promote bushier growth.



These ten water-loving indoor plants are perfect for anyone looking to add some life and colour to their space without the hassle of traditional plants. From the cute and quirky Marimo Moss Balls to the stunning Water Lily, there's a plant for every style and preference. You can even use these suggestions when you gift plants to your loved ones the next time!

So go ahead, take the plunge into soil-free plant parenting! Who knows, you might just become a plant whisperer after all!