10 Winter Cakes Enough To Spend The Whole Season Happily

Living a life with no surprises, nothing astonishing to wake up to, no challenges to conquer, no summits to victory, life can be mundane and boring. While there are ways to bring a twist to this life you and we live every day, we have discovered an idea that's not a twist but a hurricane to your shore like life. And the perfect excuse for you to step out of this bubble winter is bringing along Christmas and new year. Take this as a resolution if you feel that's the push you need to have fun. Today you are about to let go of your restraints and melt with scrumptious winter cakes that will make you go mmm mmm!

winter cakes

Here are the best winter cakes for you to gulp out. Let's raise the curtain.

1. Choco lava cake

Choco lava cake

Let's dive in this gigantic pool of cake options but not crash our heads, taking it slow the first option is a choco lava cake. Very popular, very tasty cake with a melting hot flood of chocolate coming out just as you pinch the fork to have your first bite. Isn't it exciting?

2. Chocolate brownies

Can't resist having one of these heavenly delicacies, especially when they are freshly baked. The mouth savouring, the appealing dish is a hundred per cent hit option for winter cake ideas. It's the perfect amount of crunchy and soggy; sweet and dark and aims to take you on cloud 9 with just one bite.

3. Rainbow cake

Well, there is little chance of witnessing a rainbow in this winter season, so how about a rainbow cake. It's ditto as it sounds, it's multicoloured, multi-layered, sweet, creamy, big and surprising. You can call it a magical spell to a plain vanilla cake, with so many colours coming right at you, it makes your eyes sparkle but of course, makes your mouth drool.

4. Red Velvet cake

There is no strict hardcore role that restricts you from having a red velvet cake in another season, but it makes a perfect match with winter cakes because of its look. The deep red colour gives you cosy and warm vibes. The texture is soggier that it is crunchy, giving you comfort in the chilling wind. And it is anyway a brilliant choice, as its taste is undefeatable.

5. Coffee cake

This option deserves a place in this light and that too in the limelight. It is miraculous how a pack of coffee can keep you awake, be hot and cold as per your preference and now mould into a cake as well. It sure is more bitter than sweet but is certainly the best combination of the two flavours and a gift to our taste buds. The dark flavour and the touch of vanilla, you are drooling already, aren't you?

6. Cheesecake


Bless your taste buds with the evergreen the ever loved cheesecake. This is one of the many shining winter cakes that you can't resist. It's as creamy and crunchy as it can get. It has an incredible texture you will savour every day after the one bite. Don't say no to a cheesecake until you have had one and trust us; it's the best decision you will ever make.

7. Rum cake

All winter cake ideas stand helpless in comparison to a rum cake. It can't be everyone's preference for obvious reasons, but it is the only choice for people who have dared to try it even once. It is exotic on all levels, way ahead of not just a simple vanilla or chocolate but even the stylish coffee and red velvet ones. It's the choice of grown-ups, the legends.

8. Hot cocoa cake

Hot cocoa cake

Before you read any more about winter cakes, know that this one has cocoa powder sprinkled on top. Convinced already, aren't you? Why wouldn't you be, it's a unique flavour as pleasing as any other miraculous flavour you can find. It will make you go gaga over the nicely layered cream and bread with the exciting garnishing on top. It's all you will live for.

9. Apple cake

A goodness filled rich deity has entered the list of mind-blowing options for cake. What makes this cake more exciting is that it tastes commendable when clubbed with cheesecake as well. You can go for this recipe basing on any cream flavours, be it vanilla or so. Just make sure you like the flavour you choose and that it complements the apple and doesn't dominate it.

10. Mug cake

Last but definitely not the least, mug cake is a winner in the winner cakes if you please. It is as tasty and exciting as any other one agreed, but what makes it top-notch is its presentation and styling. We often see actresses eating mug cakes in movies when they want to make it look sad but still appealing. You get the feel of how it works both emotionally and aesthetically, right?

These winter cake ideas will rock your world and your loved ones only if you gather the courage to share it with them. It's not that easy.