11 Interesting Facts You Should Know About Chrysanthemum-The November Birth Flower

Like, there is a specific zodiac sign to signify the month you were born in, there is also a certain flower that celebrates your birthday month. And, with the arrival of the cold breeze that gently sweeps past your face in November, comes the birthdays of your dear ones that deserve special attention from you. So, to all the November-born peeps, dedicate a beautiful bouquet of their birth month flower to bring happiness and luck in their life. But, do you know what is the November birth flower? It’s the magical and vibrant “Chrysanthemum”.

Chrysanthemum - November Birth Flower

To know more about this heavenly flower, scroll below to read some of the interesting facts about the November birthday flower:

1.One of the most popular flowers only next to the rose, Chrysanthemums are also known as “mum” and believed to have originated from China. Later, this November flower was brought to Europe in the 18th century.

2.The word “Chrysanthemums” has its roots in the Greek words “Khrusos” which means gold and “Anthemon” which means flower. However, an ancient Chinese city was named Chu-Hsien that means “Chrysanthemum city”.

3.In Japan, these beautiful vibrant blooms were introduced in the 8th century CE and soon the Emperor of Japan adopted this flower as his official seal. In fact, there also happens to be a “Festival Of Happiness” to celebrate the presence of this beautiful flower.

Chrysanthemum Festival - Festival of Happiness

4.Available in a variety of shapes, sizes and a rainbow of colours, this magnificent blossom belongs to one of the four noble flowers other than orchid, plum and bamboo. Chrysanthemum is also the official flower of Chicago.

5.Available in a rainbow of colours, each colour of Chrysanthemum symbolizes different things. For instance, red symbolizes pure love, yellow chrysanthemum depicts one-sided love while white symbolizes loyalty in love.

6.One of the fun facts about chrysanthemums, it was once thought that drinking from the steam that flows between Chrysanthemums brings long life to people. So, to live a healthy and long life, people started making teas and wine using these flowers.

Chrysanthemum Tea - Occasion Celebration

7.The November birth flower has different meanings in different cultures. For instance, in Asia, Chrysanthemum is a symbol of friendship, luck, joy, and happiness. While in Europe, white Chrysanthemum is associated with funerals.

8.Chrysanthemums are used in decorations. Apart from this, these blooms are highly used to make different cuisines due to their great medicinal properties. In Korea, these flowers are used to flavor the wine known as “Gukhwaju” or “Chrysanthemum wine”.

9.Chrysanthemum tea is in great demand as it is considered good to cure some serious cardiac and vascular disorders. The petals of Chrysanthemums are often used in dishes for a pleasant aroma and a good taste.

Chrysanthemum Cuisine

10.About chrysanthemum flower--this November birth month flower also contains a chemical called pyrethrum which is a natural bug repellent. These blooms also remove toxins from the air and are thus considered a good indoor houseplant as well.

11.Apart from being the November birth flower, Chrysanthemums are also considered as the traditional flowers to be given on Mother’s Day in Australia. Chrysanthemums are also the official flower to celebrate the 13th wedding anniversaries.

That’s all about chrysanthemum flower facts!

Send your wishes to your loved ones on their birthdays through this happy birthday flower of November because none of your loved one’s birthday would be complete without a nice bouquet of Chrysanthemum.