11 Reasons Why A Woman Should Treasure Her Girlfriends

It's totally underrated! The importance of friends (girls) in a woman’s life goes beyond the words could possibly describe. The way a woman could understand another woman or be her support or strength is something to witness to realise how strong that bond could be. From cursing enemies to applying the mascara right, a girlfriend is needed in tons of situation in a woman’s life.

We simply can’t function without them because they way our girlfriends see through our soul, no man ever could. A lot of girls swear by the drama and gossip that happens in the feminine circle and think they are better off in the company of men. Girl, you are missing being high on life! If you are thinking otherwise or having second thoughts about this notion, keep on reading further till you are convinced, that your girlfriends are totally your squad, whatever may come.

Group of Girls

1. They Will Not Let Any Man Hurt You

You might be head over heels in love but their minds are constantly testing every move of the man who has become your new soul mate. You might not know it yet but they already have everything dug out on him and have warned him against hurting you or breaking your heart because if he did, they are there to take care of the situation.

 brave girl boasting her friend for threatening someone

2. You Can Share All The Details Of Your Life

Yup, it's true. From period cramps to vomiting in the middle of the night, you could share everything with them and they will somehow end up with just the perfect thing to say that you need to hear. If you find yourself puking because of too much vodka, they will be holding your hair with lemonade in the other hand. And, just when you realise that you have the same level of weirdness etched in your minds, that’s when you two become best friends forever.

 Girl sharing secrets

3. They Are Better Wingman Than Men

Yes, they are. If you have a crush and still haven’t summoned up the courage to utter a word to him, then trust your A-Team. They will be playing cupid so hard that he will not know what hit him. Such will be the turn of the table that he might ask you out. Even men rely on girls when it comes to match-making talent, imagine, what your girlfriends could do for you. And this doesn’t stop on men, they could wing almost anything according to your need and want. If you are craving a chocolate cake at 3 A.M, one of your girlfriends could even get their boyfriend to bring over the dessert so that you both could enjoy while binging Netflix.

Two young ladies glazing at someone

4. They Are Always In Contact With You

You might want to be alone at times but there is no way you will feel lonely with your squad being there at every step of life or day. They are constantly in contact and are always eager to listen about your day and could even join you wherever you are, if you need them to.

Alone girls but are always in contact

5. They Always Have Fun, Even When At Home

They know how to turn a mundane moment into a funny one. You will not be bummed as long as you are in their company. They know this magic of making you feel better in any given circumstances without having to step out of the house. Even a cup of coffee with them is a whole lot of fun somehow.

Girls having fun with each other

6. They Discuss Intimate Details Without Holding Back

You cannot escape this one. They are so open and comfortable with you, that they will put you before their boyfriends and share every juicy detail of a night well spent. They don’t hold their emotions back while talking about sex and you don’t feel awkward too, discussing it with them. Heck, they could give a few or more tips to blow away his mind in bed next time.

Girl whispering to her best friend

7.They Call Out On You When You Are Thinking Crap

They do support you in your every action but they are not afraid to call on your bullshit decisions and doing everything in their power to refrain you from executing them. They are not even afraid to hold an intervention for you if you don’t listen to them.

A lady calling out on her friend

8. They Are An Integral Part Of Your Love Story

Not sure what to reply when your crush messaged. Don’t worry, your dream team has it all figured out. They construct a message so effectively that it feels like they are ready to carve a fairy tale in your life. From hellos to kisses, they have it all planned and somehow they know what would be the perfect reply to every text that chimes on your phone.

Friend constructing a message to each other

9. They Are Your Biggest Fashion Critic

They will never let you shop alone. They let you try every cute top in-store and will immediately tell if anything brings out the bad side of your silhouette. They always land on the best and if you are a fashion diva, a lot of credit goes to them as well.

Girls are the partner in shopping

10. They Have A Flawless Plan To Get Old Together

Yes, they do. They have no plan to leave your side and will be with you adjusting your skirt and finding perfect nude shade for your lips even when you get old and wrinkly. You know that they are your lifeline and no matter where life takes you, a whimsical evening with them is all you need to feel alive again.

Three happy old women

11.They Are Family

Even more than that. They are you sisters from another mister and in this roller coaster of emotions and circumstances called life, they always have your back. No relationship can ace that bond. They have seen you at your worst and at your best and still love you from the bottom of the heart. You need them and they need you.

Group of girls like family