15 Best Flowers To Plant In Spring

Spring is a beautiful time to reconnect with your garden. The freshness that spring plants spread takes us to different levels of calmness and positivity. It is always suggested to grow spring flowers in your garden if you want to feel heaven sitting at home. But, we often don’t know which spring plants are good to grow at our home. Considering the same, we have come up with some popular spring flowers that will make your every moment worth cherishing. Once you get to know which spring plants are a perfect fit for your garden, you will definitely love to add them to your patio. So, let’s have a look at which popular spring flowers we have covered for you.

popular spring flowers

1. Lantana

Lantana is a bunch of small blooms that bring a smile to anyone's face. These popular spring flowers can be seen when sunshine hits them. Yes, they aren’t early spring flowers. Their vibrant hues like pink, white, orange, purple and red make them unique. Lantana thrives well in well-drained soil and in full sun. Also, if you don’t know then, most people grow lantana in hanging baskets.

spring plants

2. The Great Blue Lobelia

Great blue lobelia needs good maintenance, so if you are good at gardening and taking care of plants then bring this spring plant home because they are unforgiving if not taken care of properly. These flowers grow up to 3 feet tall, and their appearance beautifies the yard. They also attract pollinators like hummingbirds and butterflies. So, you need to look out for these beautiful blooms.

spring plants

3. Creeping Phlox

Are you interested in spreading small blooms in the colour white and pink in your yard? Well, if so, creeping phlox will help you. These enchanting small flowers bloom in mid-spring and stay a little longer than others. These flowers grow well in full sun and well-drained soil. So, add creeping phlox to your patio and enjoy their presence.

spring plants

4. Daffodils

Do you know - there are 13,000 types of daffodils, and you need to find the best fit for your garden. Their yellow colour blooms bring positivity and cheeriness to the home. They are a perfect springtime staple that you should definitely have in your garden. Daffodils are fortunately long-lasting too. So, grow this popular spring flower during the fall time and enjoy its presence throughout the year.

spring plants

5. Lily Of The Valley

You must have seen Christian weddings being incomplete without this flower. They are the wedding flowers that even Duchess of Cambridge, Kate Middleton carried while walking down the aisle. Their bulb-shaped small blooms make them unique. Their aroma and low maintenance are worth remembering. As you grow them, they will cover the complete area in no time.

spring plants

6. Marigold

If you are new to gardening and want to grow a plant with seed then marigold is a perfect spring plant that you will like. This is another popular spring flower that grows in well-drained soil in full sun. Its brass, golden, orange colour flowers give the yard a sunny look, and its presence feels beautiful around.

spring plants

7. Tulips

Tulips are popular spring flowers that beautify the garden with their long leaves and bulb-shaped flowers. White, yellow, violet, purple, pink and many other hues you can find in Tulip. To experience their beauty during the springtime, you need to plant them in the fall time. Also, planting them under daffodils is preferred because rodents love tulips.

spring plants

8. Crocus

A pinch of violet to the yard is how you can define Crocus. This popular spring flower is quite a synonym of beauty. As you grow them in early fall, they grow in the early spring when frost is still covering the ground. Their delicate violet colour with a bulb pop up is perfect to adorn in the year. So, if you want your garden to smile in the early springtime, then this spring plant is all you need.

spring plants

9. Moonflowers

Moonflowers grow well in loose, well-drained soil and in full sun. These popular spring flowers give a soothing white colour to the garden, and their airy fragrance feels fantastic. This is an easy to grow and low maintenance spring plant that gives trumpet-like flowers, adding uniqueness to the yard. Moonflowers are deer-resistant and drought tolerant as well.

spring plants

10. Lilacs

As we all know that Lilacs are flexible blooms that add pink and purple colour to our yard during the spring season. Well, we just need to take care that they get full sun and well-drained soil, then only they will thrive well. Their heart-shaped leaves look fascinating. So, grow this plant in the late fall before the ground freezes.

spring plants

11. Columbine

Columbine is the kind of blooms that you can find in light pink and purple shades. This plant thrives well in partly shaded areas and needs a little more maintenance than others. This popular spring flower brings a delicate look to your garden. So, add this spring plant during the early fall and see the purple and pink shades covering your garden during the springtime.

spring plants

12. Lupine

Lupines are a beautiful tower-like popular spring flower that grows between 20-40 inches tall depending on different species. They come in the hues pink, white and purple. You can see them attracting pollinators like bees and butterflies. Planting Lupines during late fall and early winters will give your garden a fascinating look during the spring season.

spring plants

13. Forsythia

When you see forsythia blooming in your garden, then you know that spring has arrived. They grow in early spring and add a bright yellow and cheerful touch to your garden. This spring plant grows from a few feet to 20 feet tall. To control the size of this popular spring flower, you need to trim it from time to time.

spring plants

14. Pansy

Pansies bloom in the early springtime, so if you want to be cheerful and in a good mood always then adding pansy to your yard will be a better option. These popular spring flowers thrive in full sun and spread a dark tone in the garden. So, if you want some dark colours glorifying your space, add pansy.

spring plants

15. Primrose

You will find hundreds of species of primrose, so you need to be careful while choosing the best for you. They are the delicate small flowers that grow well in every zone. Primrose needs partial sun to thrive well. So, if you want to add this popular spring flower to the garden, you should grow them in early fall.

spring plants

Final Words

These pretty popular spring flowers look so beautiful. Isn’t it? Well, we guarantee that these same spring plants will elevate your patio, and you will love their presence around. These popular spring flowers will add a flamboyant touch to your patio. So, without thinking twice, grab such beautiful spring flower plants online from a reliable portal like FlowerAura and add colours to your garden with them. Potted plants are just a click away. So, bring them home before spring knocks in.