15 New Year’s Facts & Traditions

New Year is here, and it’s the perfect time for you to know about some amazing and wonderful new year’s facts and traditions. The facts and traditions mentioned below will surely make you go, Oh My God!

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New Year’s Facts & Traditions

1. Do you know that the first New Year celebrations date back to 4000 years ago?

2. The Emperor of Rome declared January 1st as National Holiday after naming the month on the name of Janus, the Roman god of doors and gates.

3. On average, around 45% of Americans make new year resolutions every year, most of which are related to weight loss, quit smoking, healthy eating, and starting a business.

4. According to a tradition, it is believed that eating leafy greens on the first day of a new year brings prosperity in life.

5. Do you know that more than 1 million people gathered at New York City’s time square to witness the Eye Ball Drop event which started in 1907?

6. The very first person to talk with or come across on the first day of the year sets your mood for the next 12 months. So, make sure you spend time with someone who brings happiness to your life.

7. Around 10,000 participants step through City Hall and perform in unique costumes at the Mummers Parade in Philadelphia. The parade is assumed to first take place in the mid of the 17th century.

8. The concept of new year gifts also dates back to ancient times.

9. Estonian practice of eating 7, 9 or 12 meals on the eve of New Year is a weird new year tradition.

10. In Denmark, people throw dishes on the doorsteps of other people which is believed to bring new friends to them.

11. In a Spanish new year tradition to bring good luck, people eat 12 grapes at midnight on December 31st.

12. Sint Sylvester Vooranvond is the special name of New Year eve in Belgium.

13. Australia’s Sydney Harbour shoreline is crowded by more than 1 million people to watch the New Year’s fireworks. The shoreline stretches around 40 miles.

14. Two thousand pounds of confetti are dropped in Times Square at the New Year party.

15. In a strange and jaw-dropping new year fact, Americans drink around 360 million glasses of sparkling wine on New Year.