1st Birthday Cake Design Ideas for Baby Girl & Boy without fondant

The first birthday of your child is very special indeed. Celebrate it with a special First Birthday cake, which makes a huge statement. Bring on the celebration and make your child a world-famous first birthday to remember with a delicious first birthday cake. The birthday of your child is an important one, and you want to celebrate in style! So, here are some of the best 1st birthday cake ideas for your child’s first birthday:

Birthday Cake Design Ideas for Baby Girl

Toy story birthday cake -

Say Happy Birthday to your child with a Toy Story Themed Cake. A Toy Story birthday cake is the perfect way to celebrate your child’s special day! You can easily get it in your preferred cake flavour. It is the perfect 1 year birthday cake.

Toy story birthday cake

Ice cream inspired birthday cake -

The Ice Cream Birthday Cake is an ice cream inspired cake that looks like a realistic ice cream cone complete with all your favourite toppings. This cake comes in vanilla or chocolate flavours and has a birthday candle or an ice cream cone with other treats on top.

Ice cream inspired birthday cake

Joyous First Funfetti Cake -

A joyous funfetti cake is the best birthday cake for kids. The Joyous First Funfetti Cake makes a sweet and fun, exciting first birthday cake for your child. This bundt cake is filled with a generous amount of sprinkles to create a magical first-year cake that will be just as fun to eat as it was to look at!

Joyous First Funfetti Cake

Rainbow Cake -

Rainbow Cake! What an easy, fun & delicious way to decorate your child’s birthday cake. Your rainbow cake will be decorated with multi-coloured icing. The colour on each square before cutting gives the beautiful one-of-a-kind rainbow effect. It’s just perfect.

Rainbow Cake

Unicorn Cake -

Is there a more delicious, adorable, sparkly cake out there for your child’s birthday party than a unicorn cake? All the custom fun of a world-famous sprinkle-filled unicorn with none of the hassle! This cake is loved because you don’t need lots of extra decors, eye-popping colours -- just an awesome cake that one is guaranteed to love.

Unicorn Cake

Cute Teddy Bear Cake-

A little Teddy Bear Cake is very cute. Kids will be happy to eat this cute cake with a Teddy bear in the middle. Everybody loves the Teddy Bear character in children, kids especially. So if you want to make your child's day special, then you can undoubtedly go for this cake.

A one year birthday party is a big event for any child. Your child's first birthday is an important milestone and deserves to be celebrated with friends and family who love them most. So, here are some of the best 1st birthday cake ideas for your child's first birthday. So, Put your child's camera phone to good use, and create a fun keepsake of their first year with a delicious cake from the best cake bakery out there.