20 Creative Cake Designs Around The World

Who doesn’t appreciate cakes? Practically every person that you meet adores cakes. In fact, cakes are the most popular desserts. And, collectively, cakes are baked at even the most rudimentary non professional level. While many people like to order cake online, there is a big percentage of individuals who are continuously on a lookout for interesting creative cake designs that they can recreate at their home. After all, there is a certain sense of self praise involved in baking the same designer cakes online at home.

Here are the top 20 creative cake ideas that are simple yet extravagant that you can try to recreate at your home:

20 Creative cake Designs

Unicorn cake:

Certainly a unicorn cake has popped up in your social media feed some time recently. Creating this takes no effort at all!

Unicorn cake

Chota bheem cake:

For every individual who has a kid at home, chances are, chota bheem is their favourite cartoon series. Another simple creation indeed!

Chota bheem cakeSpongebob squarepants cake:

Needless to say, spongebob is easy to make and super easy to bake! You can really let your creativity soar!

Spongebob squarepants cake

Butterfly cake:

The best thing about creating a fantasy butterfly loaded cake is that you can design it anyway that you like!

Butterfly cake

Berry loaded cake:

Cake topped with berries is the easiest cake design that you can recreate in just moments. These cakes can be recreated with just some frosting and loads of berry toppings!

Berry loaded cake

Cookie monster cake:

Cookie! You can practically hear the cookie monster roar everytime you look at this cake. It is creative and easy to recreate in moments!

Cookie monster cake

Ombre cake:

Ombre cakes are easy to make. All that you have to do is whip up some whipped cream frosting in different colours. Then, start coating the cake. And, in no time, you have got an ombre cake!

Ombre cake

Bob the builder cake:

Yummy and delicious bob the builder cakes are easy to make once you have the image set in your head!

Bob the builder cake

Ferrero rocher cake:

This has to be the easiest cake to make. After completing the baking process, all that you have to do is coat the cake with a thick layer of preferred frosting and just decorate it with Ferrero rochers.

Ferrero rocher cake

Kitkat cake:

The same as the Ferrero rocher cake, kitkat cakes are easy to create. You could add chocolate shavings to enhance the beauty.

Kitkat cake

Red velvet cake:

Use your creativity and imagination to give a fancy twist to the plain red velvet cake. It always helps to add cake crumbs and dollops of frosting to decorate the cake.

Red velvet cake

Black forest cake:

The same as a red velvet cake, give a new twist in decorating the black forest cake. You could add chocolate shavings, coloured frostings and even edible toppers.

Black forest cake

Flower cake:

If you are a pro at baking, just introduce frosted edible flowers to decorate this cake. Many first time bakers like to use fruit shavings as flowers to decorate this cake.

Flower cake

Textured cake:

This cake is perfect for a first time baker. There are no rules to create an even frosted surface.

Textured cake

Rainbow cake:

Clearly a very famous cake. Bake the different bases with food colours to give this cake a rainbow appeal.

Rainbow cake

Strawberry cake

Yummy and tasty strawberry cake. Mix and match to find your perfect version!

Strawberry cake

Fruit topped cake:

Baking a simple cake and adding a thick coat of buttercream frosting with chopped exotic fruits, loaded on top of it is a classic cake design.

Fruit topped cake

Colourful fondant cake:

Adding layers of fondant of different colours gives a brilliant twist to your cake. Start adding your creativity to this!

Colourful fondant cake

Sprinkle cake:

The simplest cake ever! Just coat the frosting with edible sprinkles!

Sprinkle cake

Chocolate chip cake:

Use a chocolate chip to decorate the cake and maybe put some in the frosting. That way, even a plain cake gets a sensational look!

Chocolate chip cake