20+ Under Budget Birthday Decoration Ideas

Birthdays are literally the most important day of the year, a day that is all about you when everyone makes a fuss over you, and you get a lot of presents; feels fantastic, right? Well, not when you are the one who has to plan the party. I know most people find the task of planning and hosting a party mentally exhausting, and rightfully so. All the planning and execution are incredibly stressful. The situation gets even worse when you are running a little low on budget and the cake and decorations are over-the-top expensive. Of course, you can not compromise on the cake as it is the most important thing next to the birthday girl or guy, but you can do something about the decor. Over the years, I have figured out some inexpensive and some DIYs for the birthday decoration ideas at home that you can use to save a couple of bucks and make birthday party planning a lot of fun. You can have the party vibes set right with even low budget birthday decorations. You just need to be creative and plan out everything way ahead of the birthday party to use fancy-looking birthday decorations in a low budget yet pull everything together. Here are a few budget-friendly birthday decoration ideas which will surely help you save your pennies and at the same time, help you throw a kickass birthday party. You will get each of these decoration items at your nearest stationery store, departmental store or party props store.

20+ Under Budget birthday decoration Ideas

Confetti Balloons

Balloons are one of the most fun and inexpensive ways to bring life to your party. You can make them look cooler by sticking some confetti on top of the balloons. It looks super awesome, and the colours just make the whole room pop. You can put in a bunch of them together to look like a balloon bouquet and fill in some confetti inside the balloons as well to pop later.

Take it Out

Where you are going to organise the party plays a crucial role in the decoration and its cost. When you host a gathering inside, you have to put a lot of thought and money into the decoration, but that’s not the case in open areas as there’s not much space to decorate. Therefore, it would be an excellent idea to take your party to your backyard or to a park, try to keep this even in the evening though as people will be a bit uncomfortable during the day.

Use Candles

Another excellent birthday decoration idea is to use many candles, especially if you are hosting a party outside. In a park, surrounded by a lot of greenery combined with the evening breeze, the candle will create a great atmosphere. You don't have to go for those fancy experience candles; buy the most affordable ones and as many as you can.

Throw in Some Pillows

The outside area looks beautiful, but it can be a little uncomfortable so, spread out a rug and throw in some pillows to make people feel comfortable and this way, your party gets a new theme, an Evening picnic party.

Be Colourful

A splash of colour can do a lot of good for your particular party. Don’t go for small decorative items with pastel colours; instead, go for massive placements with bold colours. As pretty as the pastel decors are, they are tiny, and you have to buy a lot of them to fill in some space, and that space can be filled easily with one big arrangement.

Mix it Up

Buying new cutlery that matches with your decor sounds expensive, and it really is, So don’t go for matching utensils; in fact, mix it all up. Bring out all your fun mugs, colourful plates and old bowls and let them go with your bold and bright decorations.

Use Old Things

The best way of saving money is to use all the old decorations you have. Have some fairy lights from last Diwali or Christmas? Hang them up! Some colourful old hangings you never use? Well, this is the time. You may not realise that you can actually end up using old stuff to bring something beautiful and new out of them.

Photo Wall

Who doesn’t love a surprise? If you’re planning a party for someone else, then get their pictures and stick them up on a wall to dedicate the party to the party altogether. I assure you, they will be in tears, and you will get out of decorating a whole area. Coz what’s better than gifting/reminding someone dear of all those golden memories, right?

The Stole Tablecloth

Table clothes and sheets look great, but they also cost great. So, why bother buying those at all? Instead, take that one stole you or someone in your family never used and make a tablecloth out of it.

Get Normal Flowers

Flowers look genuinely incredible in every setting and are loved by everyone, but instead of expensive and exotic flowers, go for normal inexpensive ones like marigolds, carnations and sunflowers. Their bright colours will pop out beautifully, making your decorations look superb.

Self Made Cake Bunting

Cake Buntings look so cool and are so easy to make. You can make them by cutting out cardboard and decorating them as much as you want. A cake bunting is one of the best birthday decoration ideas for kids.

Paper Tassel Garlands

Tassel garlands are absolutely stunning, and when they are made out of paper instead of wool or cloth, they are also very light on your pocket. You can either buy one from the market or make one yourself. The tutorials are easily made available online over various arts and crafts websites online.

A Huge Backdrop

A huge backdrop on a wall will really put the whole vibe together. You can use paper ribbons or a lot of confetti to write a happy birthday message or whatever you want. Go crazy as you decorate the backdrop because people who are going to come to this party are sure to post a picture or two using the colourful party backdrop (if it’s that good).

Ice Cream Stick Coasters

Coasters are necessary for all parties but are also very costly. So make your own coasters out of ice cream sticks and colour them up however you want. Use a hot glue gun to stick the ice cream sticks together giving it the shape of a fancy coaster. You can even choose to paint these handcrafted coasters, add some sparkle and do some designing on them.

Bottle Vase

A vase at the centre of the table looks amazing, and all you gotta do is take an empty glass bottle and paint it to your liking.

Self Made Cake toppers

Cake toppers are new trendy things and are very easy to make. Just cut out whatever you want as a topper and stick it to a straw.

Balloon with Ribbons

Balloons are essential and, if done right, can look incredibly graceful. Just tie some ribbons at the end of the balloons and let them fly.

Cupcake Garland

No no! You don't have to sew cupcakes, Just the cups they are served in. However, an edible garland of real cupcakes does sound interesting.

Paper Fan Hangings

These are the easiest type of hangings and look super impressive. Just make a lot of paper and hang those around as much as you want.

Tissue Paper Flower

If you don’t wanna include real flowers in the decor, you can always go with tissue paper flowers. They are a lot cheaper and look very nice. You can either paste a straw on the flowers and put those in a vase, or you can paste the flowers in different places.

Confetti Bomb

Again, confetti is super cool and very cheap; wanna add some life and sparkle to the party? Just pop open a confetti bomb, and it’s gonna be shimmering everywhere.

So, now that you know 20 low budget decorations for birthday parties, what say, are you ready to be a great host/hostess?