25 Wedding Quotes On Cake For Bridal Shower

Wedding season is here and you are still looking for wedding cakes online? Well, even if you find the right cake for your bride, you struggle to put a perfect quote for her. Therefore, today, we have come up with some unique wedding quotes for bridal showers that will make your bride a little happy and a lot more emotional. These quotes will exhibit your feelings and your pure wishes for the bride as well. So, without wasting a minute, this time, you get some pretty quotes from our side.

Wedding Quotes On Cake For Bridal Shower

As you look for quotes and wedding cakes online, we have curated some special quotes dedicated to your bride. These wedding quotes will make her feel happy and emotional at the same time. So, let’s have a look at these wedding quotes that you can have on a cake for a bridal shower.

1. Not competition, but marriages are the completion of two souls coming together to be one. So glad you finally found your soulmate. If you happen to change your mind, then feel free to send him my way.

2. Merriment in marriage is entirely a matter of chance. May your life remain ever as blissful as the missus!

3. The countdown has begun for the transaction to Mrs. We will bid adieu to you with lots of hugs and kisses, Kinda sad and kinda glad for you, Hope, with you, every fairy tale comes true!

4. You deserve a ‘happily after' more than anyone I know! I am glad that you have found your soulmate and waiting for you to walk the aisle in a beautiful bridal outfit

5. It's a new life to step into! It's a new family, a new home to be part of! Don't be a changed person but be the person to care for two families with happiness and a smile!

6. Happily ever after is no myth, Love and happiness knock on your door.

7. It’s time to tie the knot with the love of your life.

8. Step into the new era of love, life and happiness, Kiss in your love and embrace new relations.

9. Make sure you don’t lose your old self, my lovely bride, While embracing the new you in a new site!

10. Walk down the aisle, Grace the function with your beautiful presence, Your soulmate awaits

11. Wedding is a beautiful agreement So live it with love and happiness.

12. Wishing you lots of laughter and love as you dedicate yourself to the other one.

13. Raising a toast to the newlywed With teary eyes and a smile Everyone wishes you love, laughter and happily ever after.

14. Now the journey begins from being a Miss to Mrs!

15. Smiles all the way as marriage is some days away!

16. Hello Bride! We wish you a non-messy life…

17. Keep your spirit high as you enter your new life, my dear bride!

18. Hugs and kisses allotted for the soon to be Mr and Mrs.

19. Let’s top the champagne, As the bride and groom turn Mr and Mrs soon!

20. Keep the trust high, Loyalty safe, It’s a marriage agreement, Which is fragile and elegant!

21. Remember, a wedding is sharing the same beat shared between two souls!

22. A wedding is a lifelong affair that you will share with your Mr Right!

23. It’s the time to pop the champagne as Mr and Mrs walk together hand in hand.

24. Make way for the beautiful bride as she waits for her Mr Right!

25. Say goodbye to your single life, It’s time to rejoice in a mingle.

Weddings are a special occasion for the bride and groom, so we try our best to make them feel special with lip-smacking theme cakes online, by throwing a bachelorette or by planning something special for them. This time, let their bridal shower or wedding cake have a beautiful quote that exhibits your feelings. We hope these quotes help you to convey your emotions beautifully. Get a beautiful wedding cake online from an online cake shop like us and let your words on it soothe your lovely bride.