6 Anniversary Celebration Ideas With Family At Home

Celebrating anniversaries in a grandeur manner is quite fun but celebrating it where the happiness is matchless. We are talking about the anniversary celebration at home. There is a trend of celebrating anniversaries at hotels or restaurants, and you may have been doing the same also. But welcome a little change from now onwards, celebrate the anniversary at home with family.

anniversary celebration ideas at home

We are sharing six ‘anniversary celebration ideas at home’ which are fun, full of excitement, and will strengthen the bond of family.

1. Classic Movie Night

This is the most common way of wedding anniversary celebration at home but always a good one. Pick a movie that the whole family can watch together. Keep the couch and the table aside to make enough space for all to sit together. Don’t forget the popcorn, a cold drink, and low lighting. Give it a proper feel of the theatre. Picking up a movie like Hum Sath Sath Hain that revolves around the importance of a family will be great. Make sure that every member of the family completes his/her work before you all start watching the movie.

Classic Movie Night

2. Drool Over A Special Anniversary Cake

Having a cake cutting ceremony is one of those wedding anniversary celebration ideas at home that you can’t miss. The day you got a life-partner needs to be celebrated with the sweetness of the cake. Be it your first anniversary or 25th; there are hundreds of cakes designs available in the market as per the years of togetherness. As we are talking about bringing the celebrations home, opting for a three-tier fondant anniversary cake is something amazing. A family that eats together stays together. Ditch the plates and BE DESI! Pick up your spoons and start eating the cake from the cake stand itself. Having a cake eating competition is also fun!

Anniversary Cake

3. Music & Dance

Where’s the party tonight? On the home floor! Let your day pass the way it always does but flip the mood upside down in the evening. If you have a terrace, that’s great. And if you don’t, no problem! Arrange for the good quality music system and two bass speakers, see if you can arrange the club lights, convert your available space into a dance floor and start shaking legs. Don’t keep the volume much higher as there are neighbours around you. Make your parents perform a dance on a romantic song and do perform a duet with your spouse too!

Music & Dance

4. Special Gifts

Promise your sweetheart that you will present a special handmade gift for anniversary and ask him/her to do the same. Take a day off from your work and invest the time preparing the gift. Also, ask other family members to make gifts and surprise your better half in the evening. By this way, you and your family will only be thinking about your special day. You can prepare a bouquet of beautiful roses, and it works perfectly as the 1st anniversary gift. Before the end of the day, don’t forget to give your husband/wife a gift of a lovely hug.

Special Gifts

5. Watch Your Wedding Tape

Take a ride back to the memories on the very special day. Out of many anniversary celebration ideas at home, watching your wedding tape with the family is so adorable. It is somewhat like Movie Night, but it has more talks, memories, fun, laughs, and family time. Watching it with your kids is great because they will hit you with quirky questions and some fun comments. Do not fast forward it because wedding tapes include many candid moments which even you didn’t notice before.

Watch Your Wedding Tape

6. Repeat The Wedding Rituals

Well, you can’t do all the things that you did on your wedding day, but still, some rituals can be performed. You can repeat 7 Pheras, Greh Parvesh, Finding Ring, and other small rituals. If you are living happily in a joint family, then you can mimic Barrat too! Ask all the ladies to act from the bride’s side and men from the bridegroom. See if you can fit into your wedding attire for perfection. Such kind of anniversary celebration at home is hard to beat.

Repeat The Wedding Rituals

We hope you will incorporate above-mentioned anniversary celebration ideas at home on your next wedding anniversary.

Happy Anniversary To You!