6 Anniversary Party Ideas

For couples in love, every day is a celebration. A celebration of romance, togetherness, and precious moments spent so far in the comforting company of each other. But, Anniversary-- a day when two souls unite in a sacred bond of marriage and promise to continue till eternity is, indeed, a special calling for revelry.

how to plan an anniversary party step by step

Whether you have completed a year or have crossed a decade with each other, an anniversary is and will always remain a day of nostalgia for the couple. Because, that particular day, two souls found a companion for a lifetime.

So, honour your relationship with each other with one of these anniversary party ideas. This time, ditch the lavish affair and try one of these meaningful celebration ways.

1. Re-Live the Vows Again

Reaffirm your love and commitment for one another by renewing marriage vows. You can either keep the celebration intimate or public as per your convenience. It is one of the most meaningful ways in which you and your partner can experience the reconnection.

2. Give Back To The Society

Rejoicing with your significant other on your D-day under the bed of stars finding haven in each other’s eyes or spending lovey-dovey time on a candlelight dinner surely transports you to a fairyland. However, doing something that you both as a couple is passionate about, like charity is far more fulfilling. Take out time to give back to society, volunteer for social activities and use this opportunity to learn more about what drives your partner.

3. Idealistic Weekend Getaway

Well, most of the couples think and plan for a weekend getaway at an exotic place to mark their anniversary. Well, it is not wrong to think that way but sometimes professional & personal commitments, finances do not allow us to take an Instagram-worthy vacation on an anniversary. Don’t undermine the value and pleasure of short vacation far away from the mundane life. Plan an inexpensive road trip and make it memorable for your relationship.

4. Family and Friends Reunion

Couples like to keep their anniversary celebrations personal. However, celebrating it with your family and friends will only double the joy. They have been standing strong with you since the day you got married and have contributed their best to make your journey happy. Earmark some time for the two of you, then bring along your loved ones and let them know that you love them no less than you love each other.

5. Recreate The Memories

Take a trip down memory lane to your first date. Reminiscence all what you did and what made you fall in love with each other. Spend happy, charming old-time together while making way for new sunshine.

6. Experience the Adrenaline Rush

This idea is perfect for the venturesome couple. If you feel your relationship needs a pump, go for a daring adventure together on your anniversary. The key to making love and spark alive in a relationship is to keep creating new experiences.

Golden Tip: Keep the light of the celebration more exuberant and eloquent!