7 Homemade Anniversary Cakes for Parents

Anniversaries are milestones worth celebrating. However, it’s your parents anniversary that is as special to you as to them. And how are special occasions to be honoured? Well, you know with a CAKE. Now, either you can go the easy-peasy way and order anniversary special cakes online. The alternative is to bake love for your parents in a homemade anniversary cake. And, we think you would go with the latter because baking cake for your parents is happiness next level.

Anniversary Cakes for Parents

We have gathered some of the best anniversary cake ideas that any of you can bake at home.

Chocolate Cake:

Chocolate Cake never disappoints anyone. It’s one parents anniversary cake that is always a hit. You can choose to decorate it as per the availability of the ingredients and taste. Layer the chocolate sponge with chocolate ganache and top it with succulent cherries or strawberries. If your parents believe there is nothing as such too much chocolate, decorate it with chunks of chocolate, Kit Kat bars, or colourful gems.

Chocolate Cake

Basic Vanilla Cake:

For the evergreen couple, the cake has to be classic. Therefore, a basic vanilla cake is the best homemade first wedding anniversary gifts. With a few available ingredients in your kitchen like curd, all-purpose flour/wheat flour, sugar, cooking oil, milk, and vanilla extract along with leavening agents, you can bake a sponge vanilla cake. The cake can be baked in an oven, microwave or on gas.

Basic Vanilla Cake

Marble Cake:

The alternative chocolate and vanilla strips make marble cake an absolute stunner for the anniversary of your parents. Marble cake is the perfect choice if your mother is more of a chocolate person and father, the vanilla lover. Marble cake is neither too chocolate nor the bland vanilla cake; it is just the ideal combination of both. When baking the marble cake, whisk two batters; one chocolate and one vanilla. Then in the cake tin, add a spoonful of vanilla batter in the centre, then chocolate, and repeat. Shake the tin slightly once done.

Marble Cake

Fruit Cake:

Healthier versions of buttercream cakes, the fruit cake. You can add chunks of colourful fruits in the batter or choose to avoid it. Once baked, cover the layers in freshly whipped cream and top it with assorted and seasonal fruits. If there is any specific favourite of your parents, like mango, orange, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry, bake that.

Fruit Cake

Rich Dry-Fruit Cake:

Winter anniversary celebrations of your parents call for rich and healthy dry fruit cake. Fold in the favourite dry fruits, like almonds, cashews, walnuts, and raisins in the batter. Then, slice some of them into small pieces and top it over the cake. You could cover the top layer in cream, but without it would taste no less delicious.

Rich Dry-Fruit Cake

Cheese Cake:

A no-bake cake with a cheesy layer that would melt in their mouth instantly with an additional sumptuous flavouring layer. You can bake blueberry cheesecake, Oreo cheesecake, raspberry cream cheesecake, and many other variants. Make the crust (base) from graham crackers, then add a layer of cream cheese, and over it pour the flavoured layer of your choice. We don’t think there can be any homemade cake that can be this easy to bake.

Cheese Cake

Carrot Cake:

How can we ever forget the popular carrot cake. Carrot shreds are added to the batter with a hint of cinnamon powder. For the twist, you can also fold in nuts, orange or lemon zest. The last thing would be to enrobe it in cream cheese frosting and top it with carrot pieces, shreds or leave it like that.

Carrot Cake

Choose to bake any one of these cakes for your parents’ anniversary and let the good times roll!