7 Household Gift Ideas for Mom

Your mom is your world. She puts up a lot; your tantrums, antics, questions, anger, and your peculiar behaviour. She deserves all your love on special occasions and otherwise. Before settling for the basic gift choices, take a look at these gift ideas for mom, which will fit your budget, come with personalisation, and serve practicality.

Because moms are a bit sentimental, they appreciate a hint of love and nostalgia and these gifts will touch their hearts instantly. Another thing about mom is she doesn’t want you to spend much, so from the household gift ideas we have mentioned, you can find the one that fits your price range. We have tried our best to include a range of options, thus covering every need and preference of yours.

7 Household Gift Ideas for Mom

1) Temperature Control Mug

Everytime she sits for her tea or coffee drinking session, she ends up having it cold because there is always a pending task or a call that needs her immediate attention at that very moment. A temperature control mug will bring happy tears to her eyes. The mug has controls that allow her to maintain the beverage temperature. She can connect the mug with her smartphone and control it from there.

Temperature Control Mug Gift for Mom

2) Gardener Tool Seat

She loves gardening, and therefore, she needs this gardening tool seat. It’s a folding chair with a toolset. She can keep all her tools at one place as well as soak in nature's glory. It’s a lightweight and water-resistant multi-functioning tool seat.

Gardener Tool Gift Seat for Mom

3) Lavender Heat Pillow

At the end of the day, she deserves more than rest. Gift her this pillow that is stuffed with lavender and locally sourced barley with a cotton exterior. She can heat the pillow in the microwave and will provide muscle-relaxing warmth. The pleasant scent of the lavender will calm her mind. This gift choice of yours will extend some pampering to her after a tired day.

Lavender Heat Pillow Gift for Mom

4) Personalised Towel and Bathrobe Set

A luxe gift for your lady love. A personalised set of towel and bathrobe. You can get it personalized in her initials. Super comfortable and stylish towel and bathrobe set will be much adored.

Personalised Towel and Bathrobe Gift Set

5) Appetizer and Cheese Board Server

A bamboo board with tiered servers to serve appetizers and cheese. The small board has drawers inside to store her knives and cutlery needed. The board server is compact and comprehensive and will let her make an impressive spread at the party. You can get this one personalised too.

Appetizer and Cheese Board Server

6) Electric kettle

If she likes to have hot water or any beverage before going to bed, she needs to have an electric kettle. It is handy for emergencies or when she is in dire need of hydration after short gaps. Instead of staring at the boiling pot, she can flip the button and have her beverage. The kettle will keep her drink hot for a long period of time.

Electric kettle Gift for Mom

7) Hair Care Holder

She likes to keep all her things organised. Messy wires are the biggest turn off for her. A hair care holder is a wall-mounted stand in which she can keep her iron rods, blow dryers, and other appliances. The wires will remain un-tangled, and things will be organised as she likes.

Hair Care Holder for Mom

You can give these personalised gifts for her and non-personalised gifts for her to your mother-in-law, grandmother as well. Hoping these will make your beautiful mother smile wide.