7 Tips on How to be a Perfect Partner: Best Couple Edition

Studies have proven that men have a lesser emotional quotient than women. This may not stand true for all, but many men struggle to reach near their partners' understanding of love, support, pampering and whatnot. Women are gifted with an innate sense of love imbibed in their system. Although it is not wrong to say that men may not show on the exterior, but also feel emotions and care for their partners more than they can express.

A relationship works only if the two people make equal efforts and make things right for each other. Every couple fights; some immediately leave the conflict behind while others part their ways. There is nothing wrong with fighting, speaking up for yourself etc., but when the fight gets fiery, the couple should know that they should stop and prioritise love over everything-well, the first mantra of being the best boyfriend and best girlfriend. Surprise gifts for girlfriend and boyfriend always work wonders in making a relationship strong and happy.

Finding the solution to any problem is the easiest and quickest way of reaching the happiest place in our relationship.


1. Avoid Arguing and Follow Healthy Discussion

The first and foremost thing is a Healthy Discussion habit. It is a general human tendency; when arguing, everyone raises their voice and tries to suppress the other. When we raise our voices, it is not a worthy discussion, hence an argument, which is unhealthy for a relationship. Next time you disagree, try to convey your point politely; start your journey to be the best couple in the world!

2. Start listening and Compliment on Small Things

Before you fire questions at each other, listen to their side of the story. Put your feet in other person’s shoes and try to understand their perspective. Know if they need help or have had a tough day. If you listen to your partner, they open up about everything they usually avoid. Did you know that complimenting your partner on minor things can encourage them to look after you more?

Complimenting each other will surely make your relationship look amazing to others and make you a beautiful couple.

3. Stand by Your Partner in Tough Times

Every person has their share of ups and downs in life. In those demanding situations, people tend to shift towards their partners because some pampering, understanding, and love are all they want when they are feeling low. When your partner is troubled, empathise with them and see what they want. If your partner needs to be alone, give them space; if they want to talk, just listen to them. Try to find the perfect solution for them.

4. Encourage Your Partner to Grow and Achieve Beyond

We should encourage our partners to try to be better versions of themselves for a healthy relationship. If your partner wants to try their hand in some other industry, encourage them. Ask them to follow their dreams and do what their heart desires. Don't drag them down with each fight; instead, uplift them by motivating them to achieve their goals and think even beyond.

5. Give Your Partner Flowers and Call Them with Nicknames

Everyone loves a pampering session; be it a woman or man, everyone enjoys some quality random surprises from their partner. A solid and happy relationship involves surprises, and what better way to surprise your guy or girl than by giving natural blooms? Start calling your partner cute and loving names to make your relationship extra attractive and reignite the love. Flirting always works wonderfully in a relationship; it shows the friendship between a couple. Randomly flirt with your partner now and then, wink!


6. Respect Your Beloved and Their Space

The most important thing is for you to know that you are equal and not above or below. Always think of your partner as someone who is committed to walking beside you, not ahead or behind. Hence respect your partner and let them know how much you adore them. Everyone has their own priorities, likes, and dislikes. A relationship does not mean that one gets to interfere in everything of their partner. Giving them space is one of the best mantras to have a long-lasting relationship; it is the definition of being the best girlfriend and best boyfriend. One should never stop them from meeting their friends or doing anything for that matter.

7. Don't Judge, Overthink, and Doubt


One should never judge their partner. Not everyone is perfect, and there are some things which your partner cannot pronounce or do. Teach them but do not make them feel bad about it. For a healthy relationship, avoid overthinking; it will only destroy your relationship and make it hollow. If you have any concerns, confront your partner instead of overthinking them. Trust is the key to any relationship; if you trust your beloved, never doubt. Doubting will only make your bond hollow and will end up breaking you both apart.