Know About Saccharum Spontaneum - The Icon Of Autumn In Bengal

Kans Grass (Saccharum spontaneum) is also called Kaash in bengali. Blossom of Kaash is the sign of autumn in Bangladesh. You don't have to figure the month, simply glance around. If you locate these fleecy, fantastic blossoms in full bloom, you can be sure that autumn is her. It is also the icon of autumn in Bengal.

About Saccharum Spontaneum

Saccharum spontaneum is an enduring, polymorphic grass species believed to have originated in India. It is available across southern Asia, east Africa and to the Mediterranean. Saccharum spontaneum is generally viewed as a weed in its local reach and has been presented outside of this reach for use in sugarcane breeding projects. This species can grow up to 5 m in tallness and replicates both vegetatively, from a big network of rhizomes and by delivering a great number of air dispersed seeds. Saccharum spontaneum can possibly turn into an invader of cultivated land, generally leading to an abandonment. It has appeared to lessen the efficiency of various harvest species including wheat, rubber, tea, and sugarcane. What's more, Saccharum spontaneum is a host to countless number of diseases and pests which may spread into the surrounding crops.

Other than the agriculture land, Saccharum spontaneum is seen along river banks, side of the roads and railways, on waste ground and along the banks of ponds and lakes. It can develop on fertile (to around 5 m in height) and poor soils (to around 3 m in height). It is generally more dense on dampness retentive, heavy soils, however, it additionally develops well on sandy soils.

So, that was all about the great Saccharum spontaneum grass. The flowers like grass blooms are amazing and people love to surround themselves around these blooming blooms. You can also send a bunch of flowers to your loved ones to express your feelings and to send refreshing blooming vibes their way.