Amazing Cake Ideas for your Daughter’s Sweet Sixteenth Birthday

Setting up a birthday party for your 16-year-old daughter is quite a bit of an eye-opener. Gone are the days when all that the kids wanted was to buy birthday cakes, hang out with friends, and get a couple of simple gifts. Kids nowadays want much more than online cartoon cakes. They want good music, fantastic catering, posh decoration. In other words, your 16-year-old daughter wants a grand Sweet Sixteenth Birthday party.

 Cake Ideas for your Daughter’s Sweet Sixteenth Birthday

This is an age-old tradition that comes from the belief that a girl blossoms into a sweet lady on her 16t birthday. This is a coming of age party according to many cultures all around the world. However, it is more like a popular party trend at this age. Whether or not you throw a grand party for your sweet daughter and her friends, the 16th year marks a significant part of a girl's life. And, you, as a parent, will have to organise some sort of celebration to embark on that journey.

Even if the party is not that extravagant, you will be expected to order a happy birthday cake for your daughter on her 16th birthday. Most parents are dumbfounded by the designer cakes that are available for such an occasion. However, you will have to gather the most significant ideas for a birthday cake for your daughter on her 16th birthday that will be the centre of attention throughout the celebration.

Here are some amazing cake ideas for your daughter's sweet sixteen birthday party:

Photo cake -

yes, this is a given. Every important occasion needs to be celebrated with an extra special cake. As a birthday cake for your 16-year-old daughter, this is a fantastic gift! Photo designer cakes can be customised with images, quotes, messages and even initials.

 Photo designer cakes

No matter what the design requirement is, it can be adjusted. If you are, in fact, uncertain about the way this cake must be represented, consult the birthday girl.

Theme designer cake -

yes, designer theme cakes are all the rage right now. Themed cakes can be designed to represent a character, a situation, a design or even the number 16. These cakes can be given any shape, size and design of your choice.

 Theme designer cake

Strawberry cake -

every girl likes strawberry cake. The soft creamy texture of strawberry icing and the strawberry cake base is marvellous. You could also consider a chocolate or vanilla base for the cake while coating the cake with a flavoursome frosting of pure decadent strawberry.

 Strawberry cake

You can mix and match the different flavours available for certain cake orders from an online cake shop so that the cake can be customised for your dear daughter and presented at her 16th birthday celebration!