10 Amazing Celebration Cakes For All Occasions

Almost every occasion calls for a cake and cakes that are specifically designed for birthdays, anniversaries, christmas and new year and much more. Cakes are a centerpiece of every occasion and also a visual delight to every celebration. From trendiest celebration cakes like heart shaped cakes and designer unicorn cake and many more, but there are some cakes that are favourable for any time of occasion. Stacked with various designs, flavors and colors, there are cakes that are favorable for every type of celebration. Here are 10 amazing cakes that fit in well with every occasion.

10 Amazing Celebration Cakes For All Occasions

Chocolate Truffle Cake: Chocolate truffle cake is a delight for every occasion. Perfect for any kind of celebration, truffles cakes are hit if all the people around you are die-heart cake lovers. Dipped in heavenly chocolate ganache and with moist bread, this cake is a great addition to your birthday celebration, anniversary celebration and even for your Christmas celebrations.

Chocolate Truffle Cake

Red Velvet Cake: A classic flavor, red velvet is a cake loved by one and all. You can get this cake customised as per your own preference depending on the type of occasion you are ordering this cake for. A decadent red velvet cake with a creamy base and red velvet crumbs on the top will surely make your taste buds dip in flavors.

Red Velvet Cake

Fruit Cake: Do you like the aroma of fresh fruits and the creamy texture a cake is lured with? If yes, this is the best cake that you can ever have on every occasion. Frosted with vanilla cream and topped with fresh fruits, this cake is an infusion of many flavors and offers the best delight and acts as a topping to your celebrations.

Fruit Cake

Nutella Cake: Who does not love nutella? Everyone surely loves this amazing delight especially when there is celebration around. A moist bread topped with creamy nutella and filled with flavors can surely be your choice be it an anniversary celebration or just a way to wish luck to a friend. These cakes come in fascinating shapes and design and fill your hearts with flavors of love.

Nutella Cake

Butterscotch Cake: An authentic butterscotch cake is a heavenly delight to the tastebuds. With creamy butterscotch flavor topped with butterscotch, crunch can surely be your pick whether it is Valentine’s Day or a birthday celebration. You can also customize a butterscotch cake as per your taste and texture and design and mould it well with the theme of your celebration.

Butterscotch Cake

Strawberry Cake: As pleasing to the tongue as to the eye, strawberry cakes are the signature sweet treats. A strawberry flavored cream, decorated with strawberry swirls over a moist vanilla bread is what this cake offers. This delicious piece of cake is infused with exotic strawberry flavor also topped with some of this amazing fruit.

Strawberry Cake

Black Forest Cake: A forest of amazing flavors, this cake can be your pick if you are willing to celebrate any occasion with this sweet treat. A signature blackforest cake is also about a fluffy bread, topped with chocolate and white cream and decorated with chocolate shavings and a cherry. Already picturizing one in your mind and drooling? Well you can just order one and satiate your sweet tooth.

Black Forest Cake

Kit-Kat Cake: Are you a kit-kat lover? If yes, this cake is the best pick for you. With layers of chocolate bread, and cream, and topped with delicious chocolate, this cake is a complete chocolaty affair. A Kit-Kat cake can never be missed especially when you have an occasion to celebrate. These cakes are a complete hit and irrespective of whatever the occasion is, these creamy delight fit in well with every celebration.

Kit-Kat Cake

Snicker Cake: The perfect celebration cakes, for every occasion snicker cake is a great choice when it comes to celebrating an occasion. The perfect sweet delight to celebrate, this cake is all about a moist chocolate base, laden with chocolates and topped with snickers.

Snicker Cake

Buttercream Rainbow Cake: Buttercream frosting cakes are a lot in trend these days and a vibrant buttercream frosting rainbow cake can fit in with every occasion. Filled with colors of a rainbow and beautiful designs, this rainbow cake will surely be a hit.

Buttercream Rainbow Cake

Whether it is a birthday cake for a boyfriend or about a beautiful valentine’s cake, these cakes are perfect for every occasion and manage to create that extra spark in your celebration.