Au Revoir! Amazing Farewell Gift Ideas To Win Someone's Heart

Once a while, there comes a time when life gets really hard for us as our loved ones leave us. Not because we did or say something wrong to them. But to pursue their dreams, their future endeavours or when they are about to kick start their next phase of lives. Thinking of all the good times spent together and with an irresistible feeling of not letting them go, we have to bid adieu and not come in between their dreams and them. It's part of life! The person is pampered with some farewell gift ideas and parties are thrown in his/her honour to wish him/her all the luck of this world. If you have a friend who is going to move away from you soon and you are wondering what would make the best farewell gift, then here’s a list of sendoff gifts that you can consider. Each of these farewell gift ideas for friends will assure that you may be out of their sight but you will never be out of their mind and heart. Take some cues and start your shopping.

Amazing Farewell Gift Ideas To Win Someone's Heart

1. A Journal

Perfect for your writer friend, a journal having something like “How Lucky I Am To Have Someone That Makes Saying Goodbye So Hard” or “Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end” printed on its cover page makes excellent goodbye gifts for men as well as for women. A journal is quite thoughtful yet a nice gift as it will have the practical element as well as act as a sweet token of best wishes for the person.

A Journal

2. Long Distance Friendship Mug

The missing would be real as you won’t be able to chit chat on a daily basis as time difference and work commitments would come in between as a hindrance. Regardless of all these minor things, keep your bonding alive just like those times when the person used to be close and there was regular interaction over a long-distance friendship mug. You can get the places marked over the mug along with the name of the person you are gifting it to. This is one of the finest farewell gifts for friends moving away to date!

Long Distance Friendship Mug

3. Memory Book

Nothing seems like a heart-melting goodbye gift idea than some pieces of memories. Make a memory book by accumulating all those nostalgia stricken pictures of the old time’s sake and present it as his/her goodbye gift. His/her heart will surely melt into tears. Trust us! Which is exactly why it makes one of the greatest goodbye gift ideas. Period!

Memory Book

4. Piece of Jewellery

Did you know there is something like a new beginnings bracelet? And also something like an interlocking friendship necklace? Both of these pieces of jewellery are sure to bring fortune, positive energy, enlightenment in the person’s new beginnings and also will eventually leave him/her reminiscence of a friend like you, that he/she has earned for this life and all the other lives to come.

Piece of Jewellery

5. Digital Photo Frame

If making a memory book would seem like a time-consuming idea to you then you can absolutely get a digital photo frame and fill it with some photos that will brighten up the recipient’s life. You can visit some nearby photo store or even gift store to purchase a digital photo frame of a good brand.

Digital Photo Frame

6. Cushion

Usually seen as a decor piece, a cushion can pass the recipient some warm hugs in your absence. You can look for getting the cushion personalised with some cool friendship or farewell quotes along with the recipient’s name to make their heart melt into tears.


7. Friendship Keychain

Until the next time...on this note gift your buddy a long-distance friendship keychain to let him/her know how much you are going to miss his./her presence. A piece of the keychain will be there with you and the other piece would be with the recipient to remind him/her of you, every now and then.

Friendship Keychain

8. Journey Themed Coasters

Your friend likes to have a cup or two of coffee, tea or some other kinds of beverages but it ends up staining the coffee or glass table. Get your friend some cool journey themed or friendship themed coasters to gift which will surely make his/her day.

Journey Themed Coasters

9. Mason Jar

If your friend is not a big fan of tea, beverages then you can gift a mason jar to relish some detox water, juices, smoothies and all such goodness. You can look for some cool options of mason jars having something cool written on it at some online or offline store.

Mason Jar

10. Backpack

A stylish yet comfortable backpack will surely leave their recipient amazed with your thoughtfulness. It’s a perfect going away gift as by gifting a backpack one can urge the recipient to keep the essentials and documents at one place, safe and organised.


So, these were some of the heartwarming farewell gifts to pamper your loved one with who is soon going off to pursue his/her dreams. Make sure everything ends on a happy note with an optimistic beam of continuity.