Amazing, Funny, Interesting Facts About Plants

They surround us. They make our world a happier and beautiful place to live in. They nurture and nourish us. They are plants! Thriving in refreshing hues of green with bright and bold coloured flowers, a glance of green beauties is enough to make you feel good, innately.

Amazing Funny Interesting Facts About Plants

But, have you ever paused to admire them beyond their evergreen beauty? Perhaps, No! Therefore, we have jot down 10 amazing facts about plants that will make you feel more connected to your natural buddies and will also water the roots of your brain making it flourish densely like the plants in your home or garden.

1. 70,000 plant species are utilized for medicinal and healing purposes. In all likelihood, you may be nurturing indoor plants species for natural healing and a robust future.

2. Many plant species are used as natural cloth dyers. One of the oldest blue dyes comes from a plant called ‘woad’ that has been used since Neolithic times – more than 6,000 years ago. For the betterment of your health and of the mother earth, grow plants for natural colours.

3. There has been several researches on the mental health benefits of plants. And, now it is a proven fact about plants. They help in relieving stress and cultivating calmness. Take a walk in nature, and feel yourself!

4. The eye-catchy Dandelion is edible! Yes, from the petals to the leaves, it is completely palatable.

5. Another interesting facts about plants that will make you adore them more is that trees are the longest living organisms on earth. Befriend them and they shall be with you till your last breath.

6. Eat natural, eat healthy because earth embraces more than 80,000 species of edible plants. Now, this is one of the interesting plant facts we bet you were clueless about.

7. Bursting the confusion bubble here with this fact. Herb is specifically from the leaf of the plant, whereas the spice comes from the seed, berry, stem, bulb, bark or root.

8. One of the facts about plants that you should know is all teas (black, green, white) come from the plant of Camellia Sinensis. Different processing methods give them their unique characteristics.

9. According to plant biologist Daniel Chamovitz, plants can see, smell, feel, and remember. And, this comes as no surprise for the ones with green thumbs because they know that their green babies respond well to their love.

10. 85% of plant life is found in oceans. You only have 15% to take care of.

After an amazing, interesting, and mind boggling plant fact read, it’s time to lighten up with 10 fun facts about plants.

1. Small pockets of air inside cranberries make them bounce and float in water.

2. 84% of a raw apple and 96% of a raw cucumber is water.

3. A pineapple is a berry. Wait, What?

4. A notch in a tree will remain at the same distance from the ground when the tree grows

5. Onions contain a mild antibiotic that soothes burns, fights infections, relieves itch of the athlete’s feet.

6. The family of rose plants, in addition to giving us fragrant flowers, give us apples, pears, plums, cherries, almonds, peaches, and apricots.

7. Avocado has the highest calories of any fruit. Approximately 167 calories per hundred grams. Health conscious people, Alert!

8. One more! Peanuts are beans.

9. A bushel of corn can sweeten 400 pop cans.

10. Asparagus is a member of the Lily family that includes other members of onions, leeks, and garlic.

10 Facts about plants that we grow in our homes and gardens.

1. 3.34 m is the recorded height of the tallest basil plant.

2. The strawberry has an average number of 200 seeds. It is the only fruit that has seeds on the outer.

3. Ginkgo Biloba is one of the oldest tree species that is alive.

4. The leaves of the Lucky Bamboo plant grow up to one inch per month

5. Bananas contain natural chemicals and compounds that can make people happy. So, it would not be wrong if we say it is a Happy Fruit!

6. Bamboo is the fastest growing woody plant in the world; it can grow upto 35 inches in a single day.

7. Cabbage is 91% water

8. Eating lots of onions can make you fall asleep, it is a sedative.

9. Cucumber is a fruit and not a vegetable because it has seeds inside.

10. A Money plant also has seeds. The seeds grow inside the pods, enlarge, and burst fall on the ground.

That’s all about plants! We hope these facts were enlightening for you to read!