Fondant Or Buttercream? Which Cake To Pick For An Anniversary

Less extravagant than a wedding, an anniversary cake is again a must when it comes to celebrating togetherness and raising a toast to love with years passing by. An anniversary cake unlike that of birthdays needs personal attention as the wrong choice can hamper the precious moment of your life. Next, to the important flavor factor, the icing plays a huge role when it comes to picking a Happy married anniversary cake.

Basically, the two types of coverings for cakes is either buttercream or fondant. Both are of the choices are worlds apart, however, the decision between a fondant or buttercream finish cake is absolutely a personal one. The right choice should be made keeping everything in mind, your partner, the guests, and everyone who will be attending the anniversary party. However, if you are scratching your head and thinking about how to easily make a decision from the available anniversary cake ideas and move to other required preparations, here’s are a few key pointers to help you decide between fondant and buttercream.

Buttercream is by far the most common cake covering. Made out of butter, egg whites, and powdered sugar whipped together until soft and creamy. This sweet icing is whisked with choicest colors and flavors and is easily loaded in a pastry bag. It is then frosted as the anniversary cake toppers such as swirls, rosettes, using unique nozzles. Buttercream icings usually melt in the mouth due to its smooth, whipped finishing. Couples often prefer buttercream for a pleasant experience, smooth texture, and popularity. Another reason why lovebirds opt for buttercream is these put wedding anniversary wishes in cake, are easy on the pocket and can be ordered from any and every bakery within a few hours. However, it is also true that a buttercream cake doesn't do well in hot, humid weather, and is considered inconvenient to transport.

While on the other hand, fondant is a rolled out sugar paste made up of powdered sugar, corn syrup, gelatin, water, melted marshmallows, etc. Squishy like a clay, this paste is then draped over a sculpted cake. A porcelain look is achieved when a sugar sheet is used. Colors, flavors are added to the dough and it is rolled out in order to create decorative palatable shapes and sizes. A layer of buttercream is always required for the fondant to adhere to the cake. Most couples are certain that fondant is the best anniversary design cake due to its luxurious beauty and the designer tier themes that makes the cake, a center of attraction. However, there are many couples that believe fondant finish cake is unpleasant because of the very sweet taste and the funny gummy texture. Fondant also dries out fast, leading to cracks and tears in the cake. Fondant cakes tend to be more expensive than buttercream finish cakes because they require additional product and labor.

Now that you’ve read all the above-stated pros and cons, it must have become easier to decide. In addition to these, you can also browse online through the buttercream cakes and fondant cakes in order to take a call on design.

If you want to prepare the cake by own so you just need basic tools for it and if you want to learn read about cake decorating tools.