Modern Anniversary Gifts By Year

The age-old idea of gifting each other anniversary gifts based on the years spent together have been in practice since forever. The idea behind this type of gifting is to gift a token that can strengthen the relationship at the same time, celebrate it. The meaning of each gift has been deep-rooted in the traditional values such as the 1st wedding anniversary ideas include paper gifts in order to showcase the fragility, the crumble some tendency of a relationship at the beginning of the marriage year. However, just like the times, the meanings have undergone change, adopted new values, and today, are sent as the modern anniversary gifts!

While many of us still prefer to stick to the traditional anniversary gifts per year, there are still a lot may who would like to know the modern versions of the marriage anniversary gifts and reignite the spark of their relationship with every year passing by. Following will help you out pick color, gemstone, and the modern gift per year.

1 Year Anniversary Gift: Clock

In old times, the 1st year anniversary gifts have long been associated with paper anniversary gift ideas. However, the first anniversary modern gift is associated with the clock. Representing the beginning of time and the years that are yet to come, this gift also stands for the challenges that the couple is about to face with the upcoming years.

Color: Gold Or Yellow

Gemstone: Gold

2 Year Anniversary Gift: China

Long associated with closely knitted cotton gifts, 2nd anniversary gift is nowadays is as delicate as china indicating the fragile nature of the marital bond. Underneath the beautiful surface, the chinaware can break into pieces if negligent.

Color: Red

Gemstone: Garnet

3 year Anniversary Gift: Crystal Or Glass

Reflecting light and beauty, a crystal or a glass gift stands for the transparency that builds the base foundation of the bond. This 3rd anniversary gift makes sure to bring in some shine between the couple.

Color: Jade or White

Gemstone: Pearl

4 year Anniversary Gift: Appliances

From the traditional gift of fruits and flowers, the modern variety of gifting has gone to a much-settled choice such as appliances. Gift each other hair dryers or a LED, these are sure to be continuous reminders for a lifetime.

Color: Blue or green

Gemstone: Blue Topaz

5 year Anniversary Gift: Silverware

Lasting longer than a lifetime, a silverware is the trending 5 year wedding anniversary gift. Considered beneficial for health and togetherness, this is one luxury that can gift the best dinner time together.

Color: Pink or Turquoise

Gemstone: Sapphire

10 year Anniversary Gift: Diamond

Celebrating a decade together, the two years back 8 years wedding anniversary gift won’t make a difference. Beautiful as your soulmate, diamonds are the best when to comes to commemorate such a big milestone.

Color: Silver or blue

Gemstone: Diamond

15 year Anniversary Gift: Watch

After spending 15 year long sunsets together, the watches make the perfect gift piece to remind the spouse of all the exciting years that are yet to come. Ticking the worries away, a wristwatch is the perfect fifteenth anniversary gift.

Color: Red

Gemstone: Ruby

20 year Anniversary Gift: Platinum

Representing the rarity of your bond, Platinum stands for the uniqueness that you both have been sharing since your wedding. Just like you, a platinum gift is sure to stay through thick and thin.

Color: Emerald Green

Gemstone: Emerald

25 year Anniversary: Sterling Silver

There can be no gift better than the silver when it comes to celebrating the valuable twenty fifth year. Precious, rare, it is just the perfect choice given just after the cake cutting ceremony.

Color: Silver

Gemstone: Silver Jewelry

30 year Anniversary Gift: Diamond

Reflecting the endurance, strength, and the rarity of a marital bond, diamonds again can be given on the 30th wedding anniversary. It also calls for the uniqueness that has been shared for thirty years.

Color: Green

Gemstone: Pearl

40 year Anniversary Gift: Ruby

Ruby stands for the everlasting red flames of love that are unwilling to extinguish. A ruby gift or a piece of jewelry stand for the radiating undying love that you two have been sharing these many years.

Color: Red

Gemstone: Ruby

50 year Anniversary Gift: Gold

Glittering the couples happy especially during the old age, a gold gift is worth giving on the fiftieth anniversary. Gifting a sparkling world to your spouse, a gold token is worth a million dollar smile.

Color: Gold

Gemstone: Gold