One Year Anniversary Gifts for Her

Anniversaries just like any other day are important when it comes to her. The expectations light up her sky and there’s impatience chaos waiting for a surprising end. And with a such a big milestone on the way, here’s are a few wedding anniversary gift ideas for her that can give jitters right away!

Of course, you can begin your hunting for the perfect one-year marriage gift with traditional choice or the modern one and remind her that you want her to keep smiling every minute of her special day.

One Year Anniversary Gift:

  • Traditional Gift: Paper
  • Modern Gift: Clock

1. Paper Gifts

A handwritten love letter, a heart-shaped card, a wall art comprising of handmade crafts, a diary, and each paper gift can convey the heartiest sentiments. A symbolic gift for the first marriage anniversary, a paper gift is symbolic to the new chapter of togetherness that the couple has just begun and is yet to write the upcoming ones.

2. Wristwatch/Wall Clock

Time simply passes away in her company and you simply can’t wait to spend the rest of your life with her. Symbolic to these precious moments, a wristwatch or a wall clock can be perceived as the best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend or wife.

3. Personalised Gifts

With so many customization options available, the trending personalised anniversary gifts for her are again one of the best 1st wedding anniversary gift ideas for sister, wife or girlfriend. Ranging from travel passport holders, clutch, lampshades, cushions, keychains, photo cakes, mugs, frames, these in the form of potted plants that simply add the personal touch you’ve been meaning to convey.

4. Antique Jewelry

While one-year completion calls for a gift of commitment and a piece of jewelry is just perfect for it. You can pick an oxidized neckpiece or a floral pair of earring, however, when it comes to 1st wedding anniversary present ideas for wife, make sure to shop a fine one for her.

5. Flowers

Not just for the first anniversary, but for every, flowers are the perfect reasons to make your girl bloom in happiness. A bouquet of her favorite fresh flowers with a box of handmade chocolates and Champagne are sure to make her believe she made the right decision choosing you as her life partner.

6. Spa Products

Make her glow from within with rejuvenating spa products that will ensure to take care of her hair and skin naturally. You can even pick a variety of natural options available in diverse varieties and flavors.

7. Luxurious Perfumes

A fragrance of love, choose a scent she could wear every day at work. Perfumes are a great choice when it comes to raising a toast to the first anniversary. You can pick a perfume in floral variety i.e in rose, lavender, sandalwood variety.