10 Astounding Rakhi Gifts Ideas For Married Sisters

Sisters are the gems that God blessed you with for your good deeds. They are at times the annoying friend, sometimes motherly figure, behaving like a kid at times but always a best friend forever who have your back. Raksha Bandhan is that one day of the year when both of you celebrate being in each other’s life. You two grow up together loving and fighting, but living the life in the most and when the sister gets married and goes away, that loneliness cannot be fulfilled with even the most worthy treasure of the world. Whether you have an elder sister or younger, she is your little diamond who is happily married now, Here are a few gifts that you can shower her with and make her blossoming smile spread wide:

1. Family Portrait

There is no way she will not fall in love with it at the first sight! A beautiful portrait of your family, especially if you can lay your hands on one when you two were just kids, will make her feel her world like a fairytale she wants to live again and again.

2. Watch

Never again she will miss a worthy moment in her life! Not that she already won’t be having one or more, but a gift from her brother is the timepiece she would want to put on her wrist everyday. If she is a fashionista, put some more efforts and pick one that she can be impressed with!

3. Jewellery

If she is newly married, she can use a beautiful piece of jewellery every now and then! With all the invitations to parties and dinners, a sober piece of jewellery must be exactly what she needs to update her collection. It could be one of the best rakhi gifts for a married sister.

4. Divine Gifts

Considered the remover of all obstacles, an idol of Lord Ganesha convey prosperity and wealth in the family. Similarly, an idol of Lord Buddha symbolises peace in the family which your sister is going to love. A divine and spiritual gift which can bless her with good luck is always a good choice of gift for married sisters.

5. Dinner Set

Yes, it may be a cliche, but a gift that she can use is far more worthy for her than something that she can’t use in her daily life. A beautiful dinner set will enhance the looks of her kitchen too.

6. Clutch

An embellished, trendy clutch will please her a lot more than you can anticipate. The best part is she can pair it with ethnic as well as western outfits for a well-groomed party look.

7. Personalised Gift

Personalised gifts, unlike other articles, possess a personal touch and an aura that takes person back to beautiful memories they once lived. Gift her a personalised mug, keychain or cushion with a stunning photo of her and a short but heartfelt message for her. She will be delighted to have it.

8. Chocolates

You may think she is over it but no, she still likes her favourite chocolates to be gifted on Raksha Bandhan by her favourite brother. You can get it personalised too with the initials of her new first and last name that she took after her marriage.

9. Makeup Brush

Everyone gifts a makeup kit to a married woman but hardly someone think of tools that make the magic happens. A set of makeup brushes is an essential for a married sister and be that caring brother who gifts just the right thing.

10. Lucky Bamboo

Easy to care for, Lucky Bamboo is the best plant you can gift to your married sister. Representing all the five elements of Feng Shui, this one is supposed to bring prosperity, wealth and a dash of good luck to the space it sits in. Gift her the abundance of charm in her married home.

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