What Should You Gift Your Husband On His First Birthday After Marriage

It’s your husband’s birthday! And, as a doting wife, it’s your primary responsibility to make his birthday celebrations hip and happening. Firstly, because it is his first birthday after marriage and your first opportunity to make it amazing and memorable for him for years to come. As his first birthday after marriage is important to you, so do his first birthday gift.

Flowers for Husband

You got lucky because we have compiled for you a list of gifts that will help you spoil him in the best way possible. Check it out!

1. Bake your Love in a Cake:

You are well aware of the fact, that no matter the lovely decorations and breathtaking collection of gifts, without a cake birthday celebration is bland. Now, you may be wondering which cake shop to order a cake from? Hold on. This time, go expressive by baking a cake at home for him. A simple cake would do. Browse this easy peasy chocolate cake recipe, and you can give professional bakers a run for their money.

Birthday Cake for Husband

2. Get Customised Get Close:

We are pretty sure, you must have done your research on what to gift him and have zeroed on the most popular and he-likable gift choices such as coffee mugs, cushions, mouse pad, passport covers, perfumes, electronic gadgets, apparels, bar accessories, and an endless list. Whatever, you plan to gift him, get it engraved with his name, a heart-touching quote, an endearing picture of you both to turn an ordinary gift into a customized gift. This is an adorable way to gift him a memory for a lifetime and to weave a web of closeness.

Customized Birthday Gift for Husband

3. Handcraft The Moments:

Handcraft a birthday gift for your darling hubby to spice up the things a bit. By gifting him handmade gifts, he gets to experience the fruits of your labour, which are sweeter than any other merchandise. You can create a mini photo album of all the golden moments you have spent together so far. Pro tip: pick a picture from every moment: courtship days, marriage, honeymoon, and many other small events. With each picture, add a quote, poem, Shayari, emoticons, songs, or a related catch-phrase. Be creative, Be romantic, ladies!

Handmade Gifts for Husband Birthday

4. Throw A Party Like Confetti:

This may sound like as usual. But, here’s your tip to make it unusual. Plan and prepare for his party at the backbend, gather all his favourite people, and let them give him a surprise at the stroke of midnight. If you want, you can keep it intimate by lighting aromatic candles and decorating the room with heart-shaped balloons. Or, gift him a gift of romantic candlelight dinner by the swimming pool in your home.

Plan Party for Husband

5. Make Every Hour Count:

In case, you can't find one suitable gift for him, you can bundle up small birthday gifts of his choice like heart-shaped chocolates, greeting cards with a personal wish, flowers, and many cute tokens of love. Gift him each hour. In this way, he gets amazed by you every hour, which gets him excited for the upcoming hours.

Make Every Hour Count on Paper

Take a Romantic Swing

Romance needs no introduction. Being the first year of marriage, love is in a state of bloom. Buy a bouquet of roses and attach a handwritten message to everyone to show your love. You can choose from a variety of romantic gifts for the husband on his birthday online and amaze him with your love. When celebrating your special day, make sure take care of each details, don’t let the romance fade away.

Take a Romantic Swing

A Getaway is Must!

Surprise him with a specially planned outing for a place he is fond of. We do not mean to empty our pockets here, but there is a place nearby where he is really fond. Put your chosen gift there in advance to surprise her at every stage of the day. Go, book it now!

A Getaway is Must

Couple Bracelet is Much Needed

Always makes a great gift for a birthday. Classic couple bracelets with words will definitely make your partner feel happy. Personalise it with your names or dates on it to add a personal touch. A perfect creative gift for a birthday.

Couple bracelet is much needed

As the first birthday is special, so is the 1st birthday gift for husband after marriage. Now, when you have a list, ladies buckle up!