Top 10 Best Bakery In Noida

Noida, a vibrant city in the National Capital Region, is known for its urban charm and bustling lifestyle. Amidst the towering buildings and the constant hustle, one can find a little slice of heaven in the form of bakeries. These delightful establishments offer a haven for dessert lovers, cake aficionados, and anyone seeking a slice of happiness. Let's embark on a sweet journey to discover the best bakery shops in Noida.

bakery shops in Noida

1. FlowerAura

Established: FlowerAura, started its journey in 2009.
Cost for Two: ₹700 (approx.)
Location: This online bakery serves customers across India with a strong online presence.
FlowerAura isn't just about flowers; it's also a haven for sweet cravings. Established in 2009, this online bakery has garnered immense popularity for its delectable range of cakes, cupcakes, and personalized desserts. With a vast network, they ensure that no one misses out on their beautiful offerings. Whether it's a birthday, anniversary, or any special occasion, FlowerAura has a delightful treat for every moment. It provides online cake delivery in Noida and all over India.

FlowerAura Bakery in Noida

2. Bakingo

Cost for Two: ₹800 (approx.)
Location: Bakingo's bakery is strategically located in Gurgaon, ensuring fresh and timely deliveries across the National Capital Region (NCR).
Bakingo, the rising star in the world of online bakeries, began its journey in 2016 with a mission to spread happiness through irresistible treats. Their delectable range of cakes, from classic flavors to innovative designs, can make any celebration extra special. Bakingo's creative, fresh, and high-quality offerings have made it a go-to choice for cake lovers.

Bakingo bakery In Noida

3. Theos

Established: Theos, came into existence in 2006.
Cost for Two: ₹1,200 (approx.)
Location: Find Theos at Sector 41, Noida, where it continues to delight customers with its exquisite creations.
Theos, a beloved patisserie, has been crafting delightful desserts since its establishment in 2006. Located in the heart of Noida, Theos is known for its handcrafted chocolates, delectable pastries, and an assortment of cakes. Their commitment to quality and innovation has won the hearts of dessert enthusiasts and made Theos a memorable name in the city.

Bakery Shop In Noida: Theos Bakery

4. Gopala

Established: Gopala opened its doors in 2006.
Cost for Two: ₹600 (approx.)
Location: Visit Gopala at Sector 18, Noida, to experience the delight of their eggless creations.
Gopala, a renowned vegetarian bakery in Noida, has been serving eggless delights since 2006 and is certainly one of the best cake shop in Noida. Their diverse range includes freshly baked bread, cakes, and pastries that cater to the vegetarian palate. Gopala is not just a bakery; it's a destination for those seeking delectable, eggless treats.

Bakery Shop In Noida: Gopala Bakery

5. Angels in my kitchen

Established: Angels in my kitchen began its journey in 2011.
Cost for Two: ₹800 (approx.)
Location: Discover their bakery in Sector 104, Noida, where heavenly cakes and desserts await.
Angels in my kitchen is a name synonymous with heavenly cakes and divine desserts. This delightful bakery started its journey in 2011 and quickly won hearts with its delectable creations. Their cakes are known for their unique designs, rich flavors, and a touch of magic that makes every celebration memorable.

Bakery Shop In Noida: Angels in my kitchen

6. The Big Chill Cakery

Established: The Big Chill Cakery opened its doors in 2010.
Cost for Two: ₹1,200 (approx.)
Location: You can savor their sweet delights at DLF Mall of India, Sector 18, Noida.
The Big Chill Cakery is the sweet extension of the iconic Big Chill Cafe, known for its delectable Italian cuisine. Established in 2010, this bakery brings a slice of nostalgia and flavor to Noida. Their cakes and pastries are a testament to their commitment to quality and taste, making every visit a memorable experience.

Bakery Shop In Noida: The Big Chill Cakery

7. Bon Bon Pastry Shop

Established: Bon Bon Pastry Shop has been serving Noida since 1998.
Cost for Two: ₹600 (approx.)
Location: Find this charming bakery at Sector 35, Noida, where it continues to delight customers with its timeless creations.
Bon Bon Pastry Shop, with its cozy charm, has been a neighborhood favorite since 1998. This timeless bakery offers a delightful range of cakes, pastries, and confectionery items. Their commitment to quality and a touch of tradition in every bite makes them a go-to choice for those seeking classic, delectable treats.

Bakery Shop In Noida: Bon Bon Pastry Shop

8. 221b Baker Street

Established: 221b Baker Street made its grand debut in 2019.
Cost for Two: ₹800 (approx.)
Location: You can visit 221b Baker Street at Sector 104, Noida, to explore their delightful offerings.
221b Baker Street, named after the famous residence of Sherlock Holmes, is a delightful addition to Noida's bakery scene. Established in 2019, this bakery and confectionery is a place where sweet mysteries are unveiled. From cakes to cookies, their creations are a treat for those with a sweet tooth and a taste for intrigue.

Bakery Shop In Noida: 221b Baker Street

9. Ka Éclairs & Kafe

Established: Ka Éclairs & Kafe opened its doors in 2015.
Cost for Two: ₹800 (approx.)
Location: Find this cozy cafe at Sector 18, Noida, where delightful eclairs and more await.

Last but certainly not least, we have Albert Bakery—an iconic establishment in Bangalore. Known for its legendary Iyengar bakery items and unique offerings, Albert Bakery has been a favorite among locals for generations. Their khara bun and dilpasand are legendary in the city.When you're exploring the bakery scene in Bangalore, Albert Bakery is a must-visit. It's not just a bakery; it's a cultural institution that has left an indelible mark on the city's culinary landscape.

Bakery Shop In Noida: Ka Éclairs & Kafe

10. Donald’s Pastry Shop

Established: Donald’s Pastry Shop has been serving Noida since 2002.
Cost for Two: ₹600 (approx.)
Location: Visit this delightful bakery at Sector 27, Noida, where the legacy of taste continues.
Donald’s Pastry Shop, a beloved bakery that has been serving Noida since 2002, is synonymous with a legacy of taste. Their cakes and pastries are a testament to their commitment to quality and a tradition of delightful creations. Every visit is a reminder that classics never go out of style.

Bakery Shop In Noida: Donald’s Pastry Shop

In the bustling city of Noida, these bakeries are more than just places to satisfy your sweet tooth. They are embodiments of taste, tradition, and innovation. From classic delights to modern creations, they offer a diverse range of baked goods and confectionery items, ensuring that every visit is a memorable experience. So, the next time you're in Noida, be sure to explore these delightful establishments and savor the sweetness the best cake bakery in Noida has to offer.