10 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girl

Your girl is all grown up. She is ten years old and soon going to enter her teen years. Her likes and dislikes have changed a lot over the years. And, you are finding it hard to choose a gift for her. Isn’t it? For your girl or any other girl turning ten on her birthday, we have curated a list of birthday gift for 10 year girl. She will like all the choices of birthday gift for girl mentioned as these are creative and insightful.

10 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 10 Year Old Girl

So, here are your options, we are sure you will find the one for your girl.

1) Tie and Die Kit

If you can see that your girl is already a fashionista with a creative vibe, we have got an excellent gift choice for her. A tie and die kit. Pick a kit that has non-toxic colours as she is still your LiL girl. Using the kit, she can make tie & dye shirts, handkerchiefs, dupatta and any fabric she likes.

Tie and Die Kit for 10 Year Old Girl

2) Bluetooth Funky Speakers

You all know that bluetooth speakers can be gifted. Maybe you have this birthday gift for 10 years old girl in your mind. However, if you read carefully, we have mentioned funky in the title, which makes it different. There are many varieties of Bluetooth speakers that come in funky shapes like a panda, airpod, hoverboard, retro FM, personalised, etc. You just need to explore all the options available.

Bluetooth Funky Speakers for 10 Year Old Girl

3) National Geographic Why Book

She is learning new things and is inquisitive about a lot. As she is growing up, she is being exposed to new dimensions of life: geography, culture, environment, science, and she seeks answers to all. That’s why she needs this book that has answers to every question.

National Geographic Why Book for 10 Year Old Girl

4) Gaming Console

Girls do play video games. If she ace at it, gift her a gaming console from a reputed brand with advanced technology and features. She will love it, and maybe she is the next Gen-x gamer to be.

Gaming Console for 10 Year Old Girl

5) String Art Book kit

Give wings to her creative mind with this string art book kit. The kit comprises different design boards, coloured strings, tracing paper, corrugated boards, pins. She can spend her free time creating masterpieces, the best ever thing she will like to do.

String Art Book kit for 10 Year Old Girl

6) Colour Your WaterBottle Kit

Does she like doodling? Well, she will love this gift. It has pens, colours and gemstones with the help of which she can use to decorate her water bottle. She will love the personal touch. One of the gift ideas for her as she likes colouring and designing.

Colour Your WaterBottle Kit for 10 Year Old Girl

7) Accessories

You love dolling up your girl, and she loves too. She comes and says to you that she likes a fish braid or wants a pink coloured lip gloss on her lips. So, a combo of accessories like hair clips, hair bands, pins, lip-gloss, earrings, necklaces, and everything she likes will make her happy like a child.

Accessories for 10 Year Old Girl

8) Skating Shoes

She is still experimenting and discovering her hobbies. If she is fascinated with skating, let her learn the art of skating by gifting her skating shoes. Support her in all she wants to learn and play because this is the time.

Skating Shoes for 10 Year Old Girl

9) Book Collection

If she has found love in books, be the matchmaker. For her 10th birthday, give her a pack of books for her to read. Nancy Drew series, Dork Diaries, Roller Girl, etc. Research the books that are worth a read for a ten-year-old.

Book Collection for 10 Year Old Girl

10) Activity Kit

She may be ten, but she likes to play games and toys. Give the activity kits that will help her develop skills and learn new things. Gardening kit, Masterchef set, Science game, Dress your barbie, and such exciting and engaging activity kits.

Activity Kit for 10 Year Old Girl

Hoping you liked these gift ideas for 10 year girl birthday, and your girl will love it too. Do let us know.