15 Best Cartoon Character Cake Themes for Kids

The cartoon character cakes have always been the favourite of kids, and because of their baking creativity, these cartoon cakes also succeed to attract adults. With time, new cartoons and cartoon characters keep coming, but the love of kids for cakes and cartoons will remain the same forever. And just like that, the combination of cartoon characters and cakes will always be loved. If we go by the numbers, most people look for cartoon character cake design when the cake is meant to surprise a kid on any occasion.

cartoon character cake

Have a look at the below-mentioned simple yet creative and fun cartoon character cakes if you are planning a surprise party for a kid.

Chota Bheem Cake -

No doubt it is one of the highly loved cartoon characters, and hence the increasing demand for Chota Bheem cakes. You can pick a Chota Bheem 3d theme cake with characters also.

cartoon character cake design

Bug Bunny Cake -

Like kids love cartoons and cakes, the famous character Buggy Bunny loves to eat carrots a lot!

cartoon character cake design

Doraemon Cake -

The toy that speaks and can get you anything from his magical pocket, Doraemon is cute. And his cuteness with the sweetness of the cake is magical too!

cartoon character cake design

Little Singham Cake -

The kids today are fans of Little Singham, and the cartoon character teaches some good things along the way of entertainment.

cartoon character cake

Mickey Mouse Cake -

Mickey Mouse belongs to Disneyland, but there are no limits to his prowess. The go-to choice among all cartoon cakes is mickey mouse cake.

Mickey Mouse Cake for kids birthday

Motu Patlu Cake -

The names of Motu Patlu cartoon characters are relatable for kids. And this Motu Patlu cake also shows a friendship bond just like the cartoon does.

Motu Patlu Cake for kids birthday

Oggy & The Cockroaches Cake -

The dialogues are dubbed in the mimicry of Bollywood stars, and this cartoon is damn too funny! Surprise the kid with that fun coupled along with whipped cream and baked batter.

cartoon character cake design

Spiderman Cake -

Spiderman is a superhero, and people watch it on big screens now, but all the acrobats and shifting buildings using spider web started as a comic character and then cartoon characters. You can easily buy spiderman cakes online.

Spiderman Cake for kids birthday

Peppa Pig Cake -

At first, you will find the cartoon character and the story a little weird, but actually it teaches about family values. So, a cartoon character cake design of Peppa Pig is a good choice to go with.

Peppa Pig Cake for kids birthday

Popeye Cake -

It has surely been one of the famous cartoon characters of the 90s. That power of spinach pumping the muscles is just so cartoony. The Popeye cake is nostalgic and delicious.

Popeye Cake for kids birthday

PUBG Cake -

The PUBG game has been through controversies a lot! It's not a cartoon, but the characters are animated, and hence we are including it in our list of cartoon character cakes. Order PUBG cakes now!

PUBG Cake for kids birthday

Scooby-Doo Cake -

After this cartoon show aired on television, the people have found the perfect name for their pets. Scooby-Doo is a loved cartoon, and the cake will be loved by the kid a lot!

Scooby-Doo Cake for kids birthday

Shinchan Cake -

You can pick a Shinchan cake for your kid, and we bet he/she will love to play with and eat it. Shinchan is a mischievous child, and the storyline of the cartoon show is really funny.

cartoon character cake design

SpongeBob Cake -

More than anything else, we found SpongeBob as one of the weirdly cutest cartoon characters. And so the cartoon character cake design of SpongeBob.

SpongeBob cartoon cake for kids birthday

Tom & Jerry Cake -

Don’t be taken away by its numbering as last! The best one walks the ramp as a show-stopper. Tom & Jerry are universally famous cartoons, and they will live till eternity.

Tom & Jerry cartoon cake for kids birthday

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