20 Best Diwali Decoration For Office Ideas: Light Up Your Workspace!

With Diwali just around the corner, it's that festive time of the year when office spaces need amazing Diwali office decoration. Diwali, also known as the Festival of Lights, is an occasion to celebrate, and what better way to do that than to adorn your workspace with mesmerizing decorations? If you're an HR, a company owner, or an administrator looking to uplift the spirit of your team and add a festive flair to your office, you're in the right place! Dive into our curated list of the 20 best Diwali decoration ideas for offices.

diwali decoration for office

1.Traditional Rangoli:

Start with a classic. Design colourful rangolis at the entrance, perhaps with the company logo integrated. A burst of colours will set the festive mood right from the doorstep.

How to Do:

  • Choose a central spot at the entrance.
  • Sketch a design or your company logo on the ground using chalk.
  • Fill in the design using coloured rangoli powders, petals, or coloured rice.

2. String Lights:

Hang them around the cubicles, on walls, or drape them around windows. The soft glow will bring warmth to the workspace.

How to Do:

  • Measure the desired length and purchase appropriate LED string lights.
  • Secure them using clear adhesive hooks.
  • Plug them in, ensuring all cords are safely out of walkways.
string lights

3. DIY Paper Lanterns:

Host a lantern-making contest among teams. This not only does the office decoration for Diwali but also fosters team building.

How to Do:

  • Collect colorful craft papers, scissors, and glue.
  • Cut the paper, fold, and create designs.
  • Insert a flameless tea light to illuminate.
DIY Lanterns

4. Floral Arrangements:

Place fresh flower arrangements on desks and common areas. Marigolds and roses are traditional favourites.

How to Do:

  • Buy fresh marigolds, roses, and other local flowers.
  • Arrange them in vases with water.
  • Place the vases strategically around the office.
floral arrangements

5. Decorative Diyas:

Light up every corner with beautiful clay lamps to do Diwali decoration for office. Consider the flameless ones for safety.

How to Do:

  • Purchase clay diyas from local artisans.
  • Fill them with oil and a cotton wick.
  • Light them in the evenings for a traditional glow.
decorative diya

6. Ethnic Cushions:

Swap regular cushions in lounge areas with vibrant, ethnic ones to add a traditional touch.

How to Do:

  • Buy or stitch cushion covers using traditional fabrics.
  • Replace regular cushions with these.
  • Place them in the lounge or common areas.
ethnic cushions

7. Wall Hangings:

Think embroidered tapestries or wall art depicting Diwali stories to infuse cultural relevance. It's such an expressive Diwali office decoration idea.

How to Do:

  • Source wall hangings that depict Diwali stories or motifs.
  • Use adhesive hooks or nails to hang them.
  • Ensure they are at eye level for maximum visibility.
wall hangings

8. Desk Decor:

Encourage employees to adorn their desks with small trinkets, fairy lights, and photos from past Diwali celebrations.

How to Do:

  • Encourage employees to bring personal festive trinkets.
  • Allow them to use string lights or mini-lanterns.
  • Organize a mini-contest for the best-decorated desk.
desk decor

9. Balloon Ceilings:

Let's do a Diwali decoration for the office with balloons. Hang golden and silver balloons from the ceiling for a shimmering overhead view.

How to Do:

  • Inflate golden and silver balloons.
  • Use transparent strings to hang them from the ceiling.
  • Ensure they're securely attached to prevent them from falling.

10. Themed Photo Booth:

Create a Diwali-themed photo booth with props for employees to take memorable snaps. It's an instant-worthy Diwali office decoration idea.

How to Do:

  • Set up a backdrop with festive colours or patterns.
  • Provide props like Diwali hats, lanterns, or traditional attire.
  • Set up a camera on a tripod with a timer for DIY snaps.

11. Earthen Pots:

Beautify spaces with painted earthen pots filled with flowers or floating candles.

How to Do:

  • Purchase small earthen pots.
  • Paint them with festive colours.
  • Fill with water and place floating candles or flowers inside.
Earthen Pots

12. Torans and Wall Drapes:

Graceful torans at doorways and ethnic drapes can uplift the overall ambience.

How to Do:

  • Buy traditional torans from craft stores.
  • Hang them at main doors or entrances.
  • Complement with wall drapes on larger walls.
Torans and Wall Drapes

13. Eco-friendly Decor:

Opt for recycled materials and encourage a sustainable way to celebrate Diwali.

How to Do:

  • Source decorations made from recycled or biodegradable materials.
  • Prioritize decorations that can be reused.
  • Set up collection points post-festival for recycling.
Eco friendly Decor

14. Festive Curtains:

Replace regular curtains with bright, sequined ones that shimmer in Diwali lights.

How to Do:

  • Shop for curtains with sequined or festive patterns.
  • Replace regular curtains in common areas.
  • Ensure they match the overall colour scheme of the office.
Festive Curtains

15. Cubicle Competition:

Initiate a cubicle Diwali decoration competition to see who brings out the best festive spirit.

How to Do:

  • Announce the competition with rules and guidelines.
  • Set a date for judging.
  • Reward the most innovative and festive cubicle with a prize.

16. Personalized Diyas:

Let employees paint and personalize Diwali Diyas, fostering creativity and personal touches.

How to Do:

  • Provide plain clay diyas and safe paints.
  • Organize a diya-painting session for employees.
  • Display the painted diyas around the office.
personalized diyas

17. Paper Mache Statues:

Let's have one divine among the many Diwali office decoration ideas. Introduce small paper mache statues of deities, an elegant touch to corners or empty spaces.

How to Do:

  • Source small paper mache statues of traditional deities.
  • Designate corners or common areas for display.
  • Ensure statues are stable and won't topple.
paper mache statues of deities

18.Candle Paths:

Light up pathways or walkways using candle holders for a regal touch.

How to Do:

  • Buy sturdy candle holders and candles.
  • Line them up along walkways or corridors.
  • Light them during festive evenings, ensuring safety.

19. Festive Screensavers/Wallpapers:

Digitalize the festivity by introducing themed screensavers or wallpapers on office computers.

How to Do:

  • Design or download Diwali-themed digital wallpapers.
  • Please share them with employees via email or internal channels.
  • Encourage everyone to set them on their computers.
festive screensavers

20. Bulletin Board Stories:

Dedicate a board for employees to share their favourite Diwali memories or stories, blending nostalgia with decoration.

How to Do:

  • Set up a large bulletin board in a common area.
  • Provide pins and small note cards.
  • Ask employees to share their festive stories or memories.
Bulletin Board Stories

Diwali is all about brightness, positivity, and coming together. Through these' office decoration for Diwali ideas', not only will your office space gleam with festivity, but it'll also strengthen bonds among employees. Remember, it's not just about aesthetics; it's about the memories and camaraderie you create during the process. As an HR, administrator, or company owner, make this Diwali special for everyone with corporate Diwali gifts. May your office shine the brightest!

Happy Diwali!