Top 8 Best Low Light Plants for Office Desk

Low light office desk plants can be a great way to make your workspace environment green, even in the midst of winter. Although they might not be as stunning as full sun plants, a well cared for low light live plants online can add some beauty and greenery to an otherwise dark and drab corner of your home or office.

Best Low Light Plants for Office Desk

Consider the difference between a dark corner or blank wall and a unique, healthy plant that really stands out and says that you have taste. Plants also help you feel more energy when conditions would tend to make you feel tired or low. In fact office plants also provide us with a fresh dose of beauty all the while purifying the air in our office cubicles. So which best office plants no light requirements should you choose for your home office or work environment? What is the best strategy for choosing a low light plant?

Best Low Light Plants for Office Desk

Answers to these questions depend a lot on your particular needs and the environment in which you place the plant. The basic factors that need to be considered when purchasing or planting a low light plant are: air temperature, water, air circulation, soil, and light conditions. The best thing for you to do first is to survey the conditions in which the plant will be living. Will there be a constant change in air temperature? Will there be any light? And if so, what kind of light - sunlight or fluorescent? These are all things that you will need to consider as you choose which plants to purchase. Once you have this information, find a plant that fits your needs.

Here are some suggestions of low light plants for office and work spaces:

Best Low Light Plants for Office Desk

1. Chinese evergreens may be a bit on the larger side, but these plants can spruce up your work cubicle when you place them in a corner. These evergreen have a very distinct silver mark on their foliage which makes this plant stand out and add a lot of depth to the decor surrounding it.

2. Philodendron family plants are a great pick for office plants! This is also true of the Pothos plant, which has beautiful spade-shaped leaves and with some work will climb quite high.

3. Parlour palms are another great option and several of my friends have these plants in their homes. These things can get really big if the conditions are good (up to eight feet). They have beautiful green leaves with great texture.

4. Another option to consider is the strangely named "Mother-in-law's tongue," which has large leaves of varying colours. The name comes from how tough the plant is. So, good luck with this sturdy one!

5. Spathiphyllums are great because unlike many other low light office plants they actually bloom. These plants are quite striking and can grow very large.

6. False Solomon's Seal is one plant that grows well in the shadel. This native North American plant has the scientific name of Smilacina racemosa. The leaves are no bigger than the average thumb, making them compact and perfect for offices.

7. The Waterfall Serbian Bellflower is a semi-evergreen plant. It stands anywhere from six inches to one foot in height. The leaves are small, dark green and produce a weed killing mat. They are good for partial sunlight to light shaded habitats.

8. The scientific name is Heuchera sanguinea, and is also known by the common names SnowStorm Coral Bells and Alumroot. It grows to a height of eight inches and the stalks tower over the rest of the plant and the flowers are a deep red and bell-shaped, providing a visual vibrancy to your dull work space.

One crucial thing to remember here is that every low light office plant is quite adapted to growing in the lack of direct sunlight. You might need to experiment with different plants and see what will work in your plant’s surrounding environment. Just be cautious as to not overwatering low light plants as they will rot if over watered. Also, be patient and realise that these plants also don't grow very quickly. But the reward is worth the effort!