What are the Best Mauli Rakhis for Your Brother?

This song beautifully elucidates that Rakhi is a thread of protection and love that binds the lives of sisters and brothers. Therefore, on Raksha Bandhan, sisters tie the sacred thread of care and faith “Rakhi” on the wrists of their brothers with the hope of blessing their lives with happiness, goodness, and wellbeing, in abundance.

For centuries sisters have adorn the kaalai of their raja bhaiya with mauli rakhi designs instead of those elaborate and dazzling rakhi threads. Did you know why?

The red-yellow mauli or kalava is worn on the right hand by the males. The thread is tied to invoke the divinity of the Hindu deities. The red thread is an apotropaic, meaning that it is worn to evert evil influences and bad luck.

Best Mauli Rakhis for Your Brother

In the words of the Indologist Jack Goody, the mauli rakhi is the "protection against misfortune for the brother, a symbol of mutual dependence between the sister and brother, and a mark of mutual respect".

“Om yena baddho balee raja daana
Vendro maha balah tenatavaa mabhibadhnaami,
Rakshe maachla maachla.”

While tying the Mauli rakhi on the hand of her brother as a part of Raksha Bandhan rituals, sisters chant this mantra to call the generous and powerful King Bali, O Raksha to safeguard her brother’s life.

With this, let’s browse the designs of mauli rakhi online that you can buy for the Raksha Bandhan festivities.

1. Designer Mauli Rakhi

Bless your brother with beauty and holiness by gracing his wrist with one of the best mauli rakhis. A beaded moli rakhi having a round centrepiece that is decorated with flower motif, this auspicious thread will make your brother’s eyes gleam with happy tears and his life with all the goodness.

Designer Mauli Rakhi

2. Metallic Rudraksha Mauli Rakhi

On the day of Raksha Bandhan, bestow your brother with the best of both worlds, charm and divinity. Commemorate the Rakhi celebrations by applying Tilak on his head followed by tying of a Mauli rakhi that is ornamented with a metallic dial and sanctified Rudraksha beads.

Metallic Rudraksha Mauli Rakhi

3. Semi-Precious Stone Mauli Rakhi

Glistened the happy celebrations of Raksha Bandhan by ordering online from a Rakhi portal one of the trendiest mauli rakhi designs for brother, a semi-precious stone rakhi. A red-green meenakari dial decked up with Om symbol that is embellished with semi-precious stones and is anchored in the centre of a braided red-yellow Mauli.

Semi-Precious Stone Mauli Rakhi

4. Swarovski Mauli Rakhi

A silver and red Swarovski Mauli rakhi, just like him--precious and rare. With a red rhinestone flower in the middle, silver Swarovski chain attached to the red Mauli, the rakhi will be well appreciated by your brother for its sheer brilliance, and it will illuminate his life like diamonds, forever.

Swarovski Mauli Rakhi

5. Kundan Mauli Rakhi

Tie on his hand a thread of elegance and religious significance-- a Kundan Mauli rakhi. With a dial emblazoned with intricate Kundan work and a beautiful beaded Mauli thread, the rakhi will enkindle ethnic and spiritual festive vibes.

Kundan Mauli Rakhi

All these Mauli rakhi designs promise to colour the Raksha Bandhan festivities with bliss, sanctity, and love; just like the way this festival should be celebrated and honoured.