6 Best Office Desk Plant that don't require Space

There’s so many things to look forward to in plants. From adding their charm to any dull corners to blessing us with a long list of innate benefits, it would be right to call plants as our best friends. We are pretty sure that you might have shopped for some plants online India to revamp your home decor. But some like even to feel the same level of comfort and freshness while working at their workplaces, hence they opt for some beautiful office desk plants. One of the concerns we might have regarding office desk plants is that - what if they end up taking up alot of desk space and one is not able to fit their other table essentials? This is why you can opt for some small plants for office desk to decorate your desk and to say bye bye to the monotonous office environment. Take some cues from this article and start your plant shopping, right away.

best office desk plant that don't require space

1. Snake plant -

Mother in law’s tongue aka Snake Plant makes a great desk plant. It is a hardy plant hence doesn’t require much care requirements. It can thrive in a dry, low lighting office environment, without even complaining. It’s unique detailing done over its leaves complement any kind of decor.

Snake plant

2. Aloe Vera plant -

Having a super plant around will surely boost up your productivity at work. Aloe Vera plant is a low maintenance plant and absorbs harmful toxins like benzene and formaldehyde from the air we breathe. It’s gel has some beneficial properties that we humans look forward to.

Aloe Vera plant

3. Jade plant -

It is said bringing a jade plant close to one blesses its owner with good wealth and prosperity. Jade is a succulent houseplant that doesn’t require much care and can thrive in low light areas of your office, as well.

Jade plant

4. Kalanchoe plant -

Keeping a flowering plant on your desk is sure to influence the entire office interiors. The Kalanchoe plant bears some warm colorful flowers when the temperature rises. It does well when placed in a well-lit position near a South or West facing window.

Kalanchoe plant

5. Lucky Bamboo plant -

Being a Feng Shui plant, lucky bamboo makes an incredible desk plant as well. It is said to repel negative forces and evil spirits. It prefers filtered indirect sunlight and can grow in water as well as in soil.

Lucky Bamboo plant

6. Peace lily plant -

Bring some light to your deskspace as you get an eye catchy Peace Lily Plant. Peace lily plants need moist soil with proper drainage to look their glossy best. This plant has got excellent air purifying properties to look forward to as well as blesses its owner with calm, positive vibes.

Peace lily plant

So, these were the top 6 office desk plants that don’t occupy much of your office desk space. If you love plants as much as we think you do, then you should bring these plants to your office. They will keep you happier than you think.