Find Out The Best Outdoor Plants for Gifting

Rejuvenating plants that decorate the garden space are the best gift to give anyone. Plants have positive energy and those good vibes that make everyone cheerful and refreshing any time of the day. You know outdoor plants not only look beautiful when blooming but also when resting. Don’t you think the same?

Well, you need not visit various nurseries now to look for the best outdoor plants. You just need to look for a reliable online gift shop India that delivers your plants to the right place. If you reside in Gurgaon or your loved ones whom you want to send outdoor plants as gifts live there, choose that gift shop that does online gifts delivery in Gurgaon and is well-known for its on-time delivery. Because it doesn’t come every day, and we get very few opportunities to shower our love on the people we love.

Now you must be confused about which outdoor plant will be the best to present to your people. It’s okay! This is quite a dilemma that almost everyone faces because you cannot gift every other plant to them. Not every plant suits every garden. Neither flower flourishes but there are some outdoor plants that would embrace the beauty of the garden of your loved ones. Also, if the people are green-thumbed, they would love this surprise from your end.

Find Out The Best Outdoor Plants for Gifting

So, scroll down to see which outdoor plants will be best to give…


Hydrangea is a colorful, pom-pom addition to the garden. If you are planning to give someone hydrangea, then it is a fantastic choice to go for. This outdoor plant needs a good space to grow and thrives stunningly during the spring-summer time. So, gift these beautiful flower globes to your beloved ones.


  • Light: Morning sun with afternoon shade goes well.
  • Water: Water 1 inch every week through the growing season.
  • Soil: Moist and cool soil.
  • Pet Safety: Toxic to cats, dogs, and horses.

2.Jasminum Grandiflorum

Add a soothing, refreshing, and relaxing aroma to your loved one’s garden with the royal Jasmine sweet smell. These are some of the most favorite outdoor plants of all time because of the aromatic relaxing feel its flowers give. They would experience the bloom between spring to summertime. Best gift, isn’t it?


  • Light: Full sun to partially shaded area.
  • Water: Water every other day.
  • Soil: Moist soil, not soggy.
  • Pet Safety: Non-toxic to cats, dogs, or horses.
Jasminum Grandiflorum


To the people you want to give this outdoor plant, it is like adding a chocolaty, wine color to their green garden. It is one of the delicate plants that you can present to anyone, and they would love it undoubtedly. With its bright red foliage and pinkish veins, it adds contrast color to the garden.


  • Light: Full or partial sunlight.
  • Water: Water deeply every week.
  • Soil: Moist soil.
  • Pet Safety: Non-toxic to cats and dogs.


Ipomoea is the morning flower that grows well in Indian weather. When you go out to breathe the fresh air, ipomoea would be decorating the garden space. So gifting this outdoor plant is no harm. If the people are not very pet friendly, then this kind of good outdoor plant to give.


  • Light: Needs full sun.
  • Water: Water often, especially with rising temperatures.
  • Soil: Fertile, well-drained soil.
  • Pet Safety: Toxic to cats and dogs


Because of their bright, beautiful blooms, Impatiens are among the most famous outdoor plants that glorify the garden with their shade. If you are thinking of gifting this outdoor plant, then it is one of the best choices. Between spring to summer, your loved ones will witness the beautiful blooms in their garden.


  • Light: In light to medium shade, partial sun.
  • Water: Water regularly to keep the soil moist.
  • Soil: Moist, well-drained soil.
  • Pet Safety: Non-toxic to cats or dogs.


Snapdragon is one of the most alluring and exotic plants. With cream and pink color, snapdragons are heavily bloomed and beautify the garden, often in harsh weather too. Like spring and fall, it stands firm. So, embellish your loved one’s garden with this amazingly bloomed outdoor plant. The colors spread positivity all along.


  • Light: Direct sunlight every day.
  • Water: Regular watering, provide 1 inch of water every week in a time of no rainfall.
  • Soil: Moist, well-drained soil.
  • Pet Safety: Non-toxic to cats, dogs, and horses.

We hope now you know which outdoor plants you should give to your green-thumb friend. Also, if they have pets or not, now you are clear with which plant would go well with their garden.